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Are you planning to visit family members living in Poland? Want to start a new business there or work with new partners who only speak Polish? Would you like to pursue higher education in Polish and need to be fluent in a short time? Then, contact us at Listen & Learn, and we will prepare personalized lessons that suit your every need!


What will you learn with us?

You can sign up for an online course with us no matter your level of proficiency. If you are a beginner, you’ll get started with Survival Polish, wherein you’ll learn some vocabulary and phrases that will help you hold a basic conversation while being exposed to the target language. This way, you’ll become aware of the different accents and varieties of Polish and develop your pronunciation.

After acquiring the basics, you will continue learning with tailor-made programs that will fine-tune your receptive and productive communication skills using real-life materials, like podcasts, songs, cartoons, or short stories. Of course, our Polish instructors will always consider your preferences and requirements when planning the class.


More reasons to learn Polish

So, learning Polish will not only be useful to communicate with locals and other travelers, but also to understand the fascinating culture and history of the Polish people. Also, learning Polish online will come in handy if you’re planning to pursue an international career with businesses that have operations with clients and partners based in Poland. Contact us today and get started with our motivational and interactive Polish lessons!


Some benefits of taking online Polish lessons include:

  • Both individual and small-group sessions are available. In case you have colleagues or friends interested in learning Polish, too, just get in touch with us and we will prepare closed group sessions just for you. Please be advised that the maximum number of people allowed in a single group is 8.
  • Technical support available for any issues that may take place when using Skype.
  • Flexibility and convenience. As both the tutor and you don’t have to leave home to take your Polish lessons, we can be far more flexible when it comes to rescheduling lessons. Just communicate with your teacher with at least 1 business day’s notice.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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Top Tips For…

polish Songs


Niedziela będzie dla nas (Sunday will be for us)- Maleńczuk & Waglewski

Polish can be hard to learn for English speakers, as it differs greatly in its grammar and pronunciation. It’s crucial, then, to be exposed to the language as much as possible if you want to learn it. We recommend listening to songs, like Niedziela będzie dla nas, start developing your comprehension skills! The song talks about a couple who’s always looking forward to Sunday because that’s the day they can meet. So, this piece is a helpful resource to get familiar with the days of the week in Polish, as well as with basic verbs, such as to meet (spotykać się) or to kiss (pocałunek). Listen to this amazing song.

polish Songs

Takiego Chlopaka (Such a boyfriend) - Mikromusic

Looking for a funny song that helps you improve your vocabulary and listening comprehension in Polish? Takiego Chlopaka is the piece for you! This song describes (in a humorous way) the hardships women have to go through to find their perfect partner. By the end of the song, the woman has lowered her standards extraordinarily and simply prays the Lord to send anyone to her. This track is great for beginners wanting to get familiar with basic adjectives, such as strong (silny), ugly (brzydki), funny (zabawny), and handsome (przystojny), and for advanced learners of Polish to practice the accusative case. Listen to this catchy tune here.

Po prostu bądź (Just be)- Maanam

Are you a die-hard rock fan and would you like to enjoy some great music while you put your Polish to use? Then, don’t miss out on Po prostu bądź by Maanam, a song about a man who experienced a lot for love and has decided he doesn’t want any more. The lyrics are full of vocabulary and expressions where the poetic persona shows he is over the woman he once loved. You can also use this song to become familiar with the imperative mode in verbs such as take (weź), judge (sędzia), love (miłość) or look (Spójrz). Enjoy great music here!


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The best resources to learn polish

Learn Polish today and you will not only enjoy your trips on a whole new level but you will also get to know more about Polish history and culture while you expand your professional horizons. While acquiring the language may seem like a challenge, bear in mind that there are also many positive aspects to learning Polish, such as its lack of articles and the existence of only 5 tenses. This, together with the following online resources, will make it much easier for you to be proficient in Polish in a short time!

Grammar Gramatyka

Learn grammar and you’ll be able to communicate more fluently in Polish. While this may pose a challenge (as you’ll have to deal not only with conjugations but also with declensions), the following resources will surely help you learn grammar rules in the most engaging way possible.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Polish grammar can be complicated, it’s true, but this apparent difficulty will go away as soon as you start practicing. Learn more about conjugations and declensions with PolishPod101 and complete the dozens of exercises they offer to improve in a heartbeat!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Find here at MyLanguages an array of exercises and interactive tasks to learn how to make questions, decline adjectives and nouns, use adverbs, and much more.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you would like to practice conjugating verbs in the correct tense and learn more about Polish syntax, you can use Learn Polish for Free and improve your knowledge of grammar from the comfort of your home.

Pronunciation Wymowa

People often say that learning Polish pronunciation is hard, but hopefully, with these resources, you’ll find it a bit easier!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Do you have any doubts about how to pronounce certain letters of the Polish alphabet? Access MyLanguages' website and find audio recordings featuring every letter!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Forvo is a great resource in case you don’t remember how to pronounce certain words. Download this app to your phone (it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices) and learn on the go.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Do you want to improve your Polish pronunciation but don’t know where to start? Take a look at this guide by Polish101 and discover excellent ideas on how to brush up your diction from the comfort of your home. 

Vocabulary Słownictwo

Looking for the best way to learn new terms and expressions without having to memorize long, boring lists of words? Take a look at  the following sites and apps to expand your lexicon while you have some fun.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Learning a language from scratch can be a daunting experience, especially when you have to memorize thousands of new words. But why not focus on the most frequently used words in Polish? Learn these 100 core words and you’ll be able to have a basic conversation in a short time!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Want to learn new words in Polish in a fun, entertaining way? Find at Learn Polish Feel Good a collection of exercises categorized by topic and learn words about parts of the body, food, travel, nationalities, clothing, and more!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you want to improve your Polish lexicon but don’t have a lot of time per day to practice, you can download Learn Polish for Free into your phone. It has bite-sized lessons for you to acquire words and phrases quickly and efficiently!

Reading Czytanie

Advance your reading skills by learning more vocabulary, how texts are organized, what type of linkers Polish people use, and more. Below, you’ll find a list of sites that can help you improve your comprehension of written discourse in Polish. 

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED The only way to sharpen your comprehension of Polish texts is to practice intensively. If you are lacking some samples, you can access the My Languages’ section on Polish reading, where you’ll find dozens of non-fiction texts graded by level so you can take your reading skills to the next level.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Are you a literature lover who would like to learn Polish by reading excellent works of fiction? You are in luck. Readinga is a site that features dozens of short stories by Polish authors. These texts are not graded by level, but most of them include English translations, too, so even Beginners can make use of these amazing resources and improve!  

Listening Słuchający

These resources will be of help to anyone who finds listening as the most difficult skill to develop. Just find something that interests and motivates you and soon you’ll find yourself understanding Polish spoken discourse.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Read this guide by PolishPod101 and discover a dozen amazing ideas on how you can improve your Polish listening comprehension from home!

  • ADVANCED Listening to the radio in your target language is another great strategy to improve your listening comprehension skills. Access TuneIn, for example, and find a few stations based on the topics you’re interested in and enjoy radio while you pick up new words.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Are you a fan of podcasts looking for some options to listen to in Polish? Here at RealPolish you can find an array of podcasts in Polish that discuss everyday matters such as politics, travel, health, and more.

Writing Pisanie

Writing in Polish can seem daunting. You’ll need to use a slightly different alphabet, word order, connectors, and logic to produce a text in Polish. But don’t let this intimidate you: you’ll never master this skill if you don’t try! Get started with writing in Polish using these resources and soon you’ll notice great improvements.

Speaking Mówi

Speaking can be one of the trickiest abilities to improve, especially when you don’t have a teacher or a partner with whom to practice. Luckily, the internet offers various resources so you can put your skills into play and improve your Polish pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for a partner to improve your conversational ability in Polish but it’s difficult for you to find native speakers in your area, you can always join platforms like Conversation Exchange. There, you’ll find motivated language learners, teachers, and native speakers who wish to practice their foreign language skills while making new friends!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Practising daily is the best way to achieve fluency and accuracy in Polish. If you lack the materials, you can always access YouTube channels like PolishPod101 which offer hours of daily conversation practice for beginner and intermediate learners.

Miscellaneous Różne

Here are some more miscellaneous resources that can help you achieve fluency in Polish in a fun and quick manner.

  • If you have studied Polish in the past but you’re not sure about your current proficiency, you should complete our FREE level test and find out more about your Polish abilities! 

  • While Polish is a completely different language from English, it has impressive similarities with many Slavic languages and with an unlikely cousin: Hungarian. Read our article and find out how they are related.

  • Still not convinced of studying Polish as a second or even third language? Let us persuade you with these 5 excellent reasons to learn Polish today.

Improve your Polish skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

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