Are you planning to visit family members living in Poland? Want to start a new business there or work with new partners who only speak Polish? Would you like to pursue higher education in Polish and need to be fluent in a short time? Then, contact us at Listen & Learn, and we will prepare personalized lessons that suit your every need!


What will you learn with us?

You can sign up for an online course with us no matter your level of proficiency. If you are a beginner, you’ll get started with Survival Polish, wherein you’ll learn some vocabulary and phrases that will help you hold a basic conversation while being exposed to the target language. This way, you’ll become aware of the different accents and varieties of Polish and develop your pronunciation.

After acquiring the basics, you will continue learning with tailor-made programs that will fine-tune your receptive and productive communication skills using real-life materials, like podcasts, songs, cartoons, or short stories. Of course, our Polish instructors will always consider your preferences and requirements when planning the class.


More reasons to learn Polish

So, learning Polish will not only be useful to communicate with locals and other travelers, but also to understand the fascinating culture and history of the Polish people. Also, learning Polish online will come in handy if you’re planning to pursue an international career with businesses that have operations with clients and partners based in Poland. Contact us today and get started with our motivational and interactive Polish lessons!


Some benefits of taking online Polish lessons include:

  • Both individual and small-group sessions are available. In case you have colleagues or friends interested in learning Polish, too, just get in touch with us and we will prepare closed group sessions just for you. Please be advised that the maximum number of people allowed in a single group is 8.
  • Technical support available for any issues that may take place when using Skype.
  • Flexibility and convenience. As both the tutor and you don’t have to leave home to take your Polish lessons, we can be far more flexible when it comes to rescheduling lessons. Just communicate with your teacher with at least 1 business day’s notice.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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