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It is estimated that there are over 240 million Portuguese speakers in the world, including an impressive 222 million native speakers living in Brazil and Portugal. Are you doing business with Portuguese or Brazilian companies and need to communicate with your partners abroad? Want to travel to the stunning beaches in Copacabana? Would you like to listen to the nostalgic Portuguese fado and understand all the lyrics? Sign up for an online Portuguese course with us at Listen & Learn!


What will you learn with us?

Our professional, dedicated instructors will prepare a tailor-made program, so you study at your own pace and rhythm. And our lessons are suitable for students of all levels; so, if you have never studied Portuguese before, you’ll start your online lessons with phrases and structures useful for basic conversation, like greetings and requests.

You will also acquire vocabulary and develop your skills by using motivating and engaging materials, like movies or TV series. If you’re lacking the motivation to get started, you should also consider that Portuguese is a Romance language that descends from Latin. This means it can be used as a springboard to acquire one of its linguistic brothers, which include Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and French.


Why take online Portuguese lessons with us?

  • Useful resources at your fingertips. The Internet today is full of materials helpful for acquiring a foreign language, such as games, short clips, series, songs, and more!
  • Your lessons will be flexible. Our tutors won’t have to commute, so they can reschedule your lessons as long as you contact them at least 1 business day ahead of the class.
  • Study alone or in groups. If you have friends or colleagues interested in learning Portuguese, you can study in private, closed groups. The maximum number of people allowed in a single group is 8.
  • On-hand technical support. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with sound and a microphone, a reliable Internet connection, and Skype. If you need help downloading and testing the app, our technical team will support you.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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portuguese Songs


Garota de Ipanema- Jobim & Moraes

This is one of the most well-known Brazilian songs of all time. Garota (girl) from Ipanema has very easy-to-follow lyrics and a beautiful rhythm that makes it a great learning resources for Portuguese students of all levels. For instance, beginners will practice regular verbs that end in -ar (like passar), -er (prencher), and -ir (existir). For more advanced students, there irregular as well, verbs like vir, ficar or estar. There’s even an English version of the song by Frank Sinatra, so it’s a great idea to listen to both to compare the (very different) lyrics! Dance to the rhythm of this catchy song!

portuguese Songs

Ja Sei Namorar- Tribalistas

Tribalistas is a highly popular (though short-lived) Brazilian group. They produced only one record, of which Ja sei namorar was the first track. It became so famous that it was chosen as the main theme of the FIFA video game in 2004. Listen to this song to brighten your day while putting your Portuguese skills to use! Learn how to use the infinitive and present tenses and pick up some words related to falling in love, such as namorar (make someone like you), beijar (to kiss), and sonhar (to dream). Click here to listen to the song!

Construção- Chico Buarque

Construção is a very popular song by Chico Buarque, a great bossa nova singer with a pleasant voice. The song was composed during the military dictatorship that took place in Brazil decades ago and talks about difficult topics, like censorship, persecution, and death, by telling the story of a man who goes to work and never returns home. The song is most suitable for intermediate or even advanced learners of Portuguese, as it features complicated tenses like mixed conditionals and informal vocabulary like quatro paredes sólidas (4 solid walls) or um pacote flácido (a bland package) that won’t be understood by beginners. Dance to the rhythm of this catchy song!

portuguese Youtube Channels


5inco Minutos

Run by actress Kéfera Buchmann, this is one of the most popular Brazilian YouTube channels today. It focuses on funny vlogs and parodies of famous Brazilian programs and artists. Even though the channel name translates as “5 minutes,” this YouTuber uploads content that is much longer! As the videos feature famous artists from Brazil, you will get familiar with Brazilian Portuguese pop culture and slang. This channel is best suited for advanced students due to its speed of delivery and use of colloquialisms. Subscribe to 5inco Minutos and you will learn Brazilian Portuguese while having fun learning about the things you enjoy. Watch these videos here!

portuguese Youtube Channels


If you love conspiracy theories and crazy experiments, and would like to combine this with learning Brazilian Portuguese, you should definitely subscribe to D4rkFrame’s YouTube channel. From trendy craft projects to car explosions, you will find eccentric content that caters to every preference. For example, he is always playing jokes on his wife, so you will learn vocabulary used to refer to a loved one, such as “minha namorada.” And the best part is that it includes English subtitles, so you will be able to understand what the Youtuber is saying, even if you only know Portuguese to a beginner level. Watch these videos here!


If you would like to level up your Brazilian Portuguese skills while learning something new, AulaLivre is the channel for you. The owners upload weekly content related to culture, science, arts, linguistics, and more. The videos are well suited to advanced language learners, as the channel has no subtitles and most teachers speak really fast and use a lot of slang. Fortunately, you will also find content related to the learning of Portuguese, which you can watch regardless of your proficiency level, as these videos feature tips on writing and pronunciation, punctuation, word order, and more! Watch these videos here!

portuguese News



Do you want to keep up with what is going on in Brazil while practicing your Portuguese? R7 is a website that publishes daily news articles about sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and current affairs. The articles are very short (less than 300 words) and use simple vocabulary, so are great resources for beginners to practice reading real-life materials. Some of the words used are quite similar to their English counterparts, too; terms like proposta (proposal), apresentada (presented), or autorizado (authorized). But others are more advanced, making this website a great place for Portuguese of all levels. Watch R7 for free here!

portuguese News

Globo News

Globo News is the most famous news channel in Brazil. If you are based in Brazil, you can tune in to watch the daily news on TV (Jornal Nacional). But don’t worry if that’s not the case for you: they run an online live stream daily, and you can read what is going on in their articles, as well. Further, You will see plenty of William Bonner, the iconic newsreader who has been with Globo for over 20 years. If you are interested in specific cities, you can check out regional Globo news, too. Watch GloboNews for free here!

Noticias ao Minuto

Noticias ao Minuto is one of the most well-known news outlets in Portugal. Its website features news articles categorized by topic, such as culture, tech, celebrities, economy, and more. The focus is Portugal, though it also has a lot of articles related to Spain, its neighbor. Most of the materials here are short and simple (under 400 words) and the most relevant news is accompanied by videos, so they can be easily understood by intermediate-level students. They publish an impressive number of articles per day (more than 20 per category), so you will never run out of material to read. Watch the news for free here!


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The best resources to learn portuguese

Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world today, with almost 400 million native and non-native speakers. Further, it is the official language of almost a dozen countries: besides Portugal (obviously) and the giant Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola, East Timor, and Sao Tomé y Principe speak Portuguese natively. This means that learning Portuguese can broaden your horizons and expand your possibilities of communicating with people all over the world.

Brush up your language skills with these free resources and develop all your skills while increasing your understanding of grammar and pronunciation rules in an engaging way without leaving your home!

Grammar Gramática

Learning grammar in a foreign language can be a hassle, especially if the target language is strikingly different from your native tongue (as is the case with Portuguese when compared to English). The good news is that you can find countless resources online for free that go from written or video grammar explanations to traditional fill-in-the-blanks or meaningful tasks. Take advantage of these opportunities to put your skills into play and take your grammar knowledge to the next level without paying a cent.

Verb Conjugators

Remind yourself how to conjugate Portuguese verbs with these free tools:


Grammar Exercises

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE The Portuguese government has a free website with tons of resources for speakers of other languages. Some of them include grammar explanations and exercises for beginner and intermediate learners, with the aim to help immigrants feel at home if they decide to move to Portugal.
  • BEGINNER On BBC Active, you can find an array of grammar worksheets about basic topics and you can download them for free. In addition to interactive exercises, you will find explanations. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE In addition to being a great verb conjugator, Verbos-Portugueses also features grammar exercises about tenses and irregular verbs. Put your skills into practice and test your knowledge of Portuguese conjugations!

Pronunciation Pronunciação

Learning how to pronounce Portuguese properly does not only mean producing individual sounds correctly (such as the Portuguese “nh” or the ce cedilla) but also it requires you to know the correct intonation patterns, cadence, and voice quality. It can take years to sound like a native, and it cannot be achieved without lots of practice! Here are some great resources that can help you improve your pronunciation from home. Don’t be shy: nobody will be listening but yourself!

Vocabulary Vocabulário

Are you struggling to find effective, motivating strategies to actually remember new vocabulary? We know this is one of the hardest things to do, as there are so many aspects of a new word to learn: meaning, use, pronunciation, spelling. In addition to keeping a vocabulary notebook, you can try out these online resources and see how many words you can learn in a month!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE It can be hard to find resources to practice the European Portuguese variety (the Brazilian one is much more popular). For example, Duolingo only offers bite-sized lessons for those interested in learning Portuguese spoken in Brazil. A great app to learn the language of Portugal is Memrise, which mainly focuses on vocabulary and pronunciation. Have fun with their videos and game-like activities! 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Vocabulando is a great app to practice Brazilian Portuguese with fun, interactive activities. It focuses mostly on the words which are commonly mistaken by non-native speakers (i.e. the equivalents to “there, they’re and their” in English), so it’s great for every level of proficiency. Unfortunately, it is only available on Android. 
  • BEGINNER In Study Portuguese Abroad, you will find interactive vocabulary exercises, such as crosswords and passwords, to learn vocabulary related to the family, food, the school, and other subjects. 

Reading Leitura

Reading comprehension can be tricky to develop, no matter your level of ability. In addition to just reading a text (a book, a newspaper, a website, or even a street sign), you will need to do some work if you want to improve, such as looking for unknown words in the dictionary, paying attention to sentence structure, or trying to summarize what you just read. The more you read in Portuguese, the more you will expand your vocabulary and improve your ability to cope with texts of any source. Here are some resources to use in your spare time.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for ideas on how to improve your reading comprehension ability in this foreign language, you can find plenty in Learn Portuguese Now has articles that are simple to read and with tips to help you learn to read Portuguese in a painless way. They mainly focus on Brazilian Portuguese.  
  •  BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Portuguese Readings offers very short stories and non-fiction articles in Portuguese for beginner students to increase their understanding of the written language. Most of the texts come with a recording of a native speaker reading the story, so you can get used to the European pronunciation and cadence.

Listening Escuta

Besides a few borrowed words, Portuguese sounds completely foreign to native English speakers. You may find the European Portuguese variety easier to acquire due to its pronunciation (for example, speakers also make a distinction between /v/ and /b/), but it is still a challenge. So, start training your ear to the Portuguese cadence with these free resources!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for TV series and movies that can familiarize you with European Portuguese pronunciation, tune into RTP’s website. Most of their programs have closed-caption subtitles, which are great for beginner and intermediate students who are not yet acquainted with the fast pace of the language. 
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Practice Portuguese features a lot of real-life recordings with exercises for you to develop your listening skills in a short time. These podcasts last approximately 15 minutes and cover a great variety of topics, from technology to food or trips. The site has a free and premium version, which will give you access to video subtitles, a transcript, and a short quiz after every episode. 
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Say it in Portuguese is another website dedicated to podcasts that focus on idiomatic expressions, proverbs, and informal language use. For example, learn phrases like “fazer uma vaquinha” (not “making a cow,” but gathering money to pay for something). 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE When you are in the earliest stages of your language journey, a great way to improve your listening skills is to listen to something you already know in your native language, such as songs from your childhood. Luckily, you can find plenty of resources on YouTube, like this channel with Disney songs in Portuguese! Improve your listening skills while having some nice childhood memories. 

Writing Escrita

Put your Portuguese writing skills into use with these resources and tips that will take you out of your comfort zone and help you express yourself better!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Enjoy these creative writing prompts to practice your skills. Some suggested topics include describing yourself or your family, narrating your last trip, coming up with a recipe for your favorite dish, and more. 
  • BEGINNER As a beginner, you may find it hard to start developing your writing skills. Luckily, you can find free lessons online, like the one by Portuguese Pod 101, where you can learn the basics (such as the use of periods and commas, word order, how to use modifiers, and more)! 

Speaking Fala

Looking for some ideas on how to improve your Portuguese speaking skills? Would you like to find someone to chat in Portuguese in your area or online? Check out these sites and take your skills to the next level!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Speak like a Brazilian is a wonderful website for those who want to learn the South American variety, as it’s packed with slang and colloquial phrases with their corresponding translations in English. 
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are having trouble finding Portuguese students or native speakers with whom to practice in your area, why not access language exchange sites, like Tandem or Conversation Exchange? You can chat with other motivated learners and improve your speaking skills (and even set up a face-to-face meeting if you prefer!). 

For Kids Para crianças

Help your children learn the variety of Portuguese they need with interactive activities, interesting videos, and visually-appealing resources. If they are motivated, they will pick up new phrases lightning fast!

  • Portuguese for Kids is a nice app for children to learn vocabulary in a fun, engaging way. They have visually appealing flashcards showing new vocabulary items (food, animals, vegetables, colors) and then your kid will have to complete interactive activities, such as matching, listen-and-repeat, fill-in-the-blanks, and more.
  • Gus on the Go is a beautiful app that follows the story of a young boy who travels through Brazil and stops at different cities, where he meets friends and discovers new objects he needs to name in Portuguese. The app includes a great variety of games for your kids to learn vocabulary and grammar, and the best part is that it is free of charge!
  • Here you can find a complete guide to teaching Portuguese to your child, so they never get bored or overwhelmed when learning the language.

Miscellaneous Vários

Here is a shortlist of miscellaneous resources that will help you learn about the Portuguese language and culture!

Improve your Portuguese skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

Discover Popular Portuguese Songs