It is estimated that there are over 240 million Portuguese speakers in the world, including an impressive 222 million native speakers living in Brazil and Portugal. Are you doing business with Portuguese or Brazilian companies and need to communicate with your partners abroad? Want to travel to the stunning beaches in Copacabana? Would you like to listen to the nostalgic Portuguese fado and understand all the lyrics? Sign up for an online Portuguese course with us at Listen & Learn!


What will you learn with us?

Our professional, dedicated instructors will prepare a tailor-made program, so you study at your own pace and rhythm. And our lessons are suitable for students of all levels; so, if you have never studied Portuguese before, you’ll start your online lessons with phrases and structures useful for basic conversation, like greetings and requests.

You will also acquire vocabulary and develop your skills by using motivating and engaging materials, like movies or TV series. If you’re lacking the motivation to get started, you should also consider that Portuguese is a Romance language that descends from Latin. This means it can be used as a springboard to acquire one of its linguistic brothers, which include Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and French.


Why take online Portuguese lessons with us?

  • Useful resources at your fingertips. The Internet today is full of materials helpful for acquiring a foreign language, such as games, short clips, series, songs, and more!
  • Your lessons will be flexible. Our tutors won’t have to commute, so they can reschedule your lessons as long as you contact them at least 1 business day ahead of the class.
  • Study alone or in groups. If you have friends or colleagues interested in learning Portuguese, you can study in private, closed groups. The maximum number of people allowed in a single group is 8.
  • On-hand technical support. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with sound and a microphone, a reliable Internet connection, and Skype. If you need help downloading and testing the app, our technical team will support you.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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