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Babbel Russian


Babbel’s beginners’ course promises to provide an easy introduction to Russian in which you can quickly learn the Russian alphabet and gain an understanding of the most important ideas. The beginners’ course teaches the Cyrillic alphabet, covers greetings and introductions, and reviews other basic and useful phrases.

The course functions as a series of multiple-choice questions using images where the words are spoken by native speakers. The images chosen are culturally relevant and there are plenty of detailed linguistic explanations which clarify new material as it’s introduced. The course is designed to help you reach A1 CEFRL (the most basic level of Russian) and it will certainly get you there if you follow through with it. However, there is some disconnect between this basic goal and the vocabulary that is taught in the app, which is much more complicated and more suitable for advanced learners. Still, Babbel Russian is a solid choice for newbies.


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Conor Clyne

Conor Clyne has lived in 8 countries and travelled to over 70 in the past 15 years. Although not talented at all with languages in school, he subsequently learnt or is currently learning to speak 12 languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Irish, Ukrainian and Catalan, in addition to, his native English. Inspired by the other polyglots who participated at the first Polyglot Conference in Budapest in 2013, Conor subsequently started his own website and YouTube channel called "Language Tsar" at


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"I am making good progress with Stella; she is patient and encouraging ..."
Byron Hauser

Russian course in Miami.

"I was thrilled with my first Russian class."
William McChesney

Russian course in Chicago.

"My classes are going great. Aman, my teacher, is nice and professional. Once I finish my 1-on-1 classes with him, I also want to take Russian group lessons."
Ali Salami

Russian course in Montreal.

"Inna, my Russian teacher, has a friendly and encouraging teaching style that allows me to feel comfortable speaking aloud in Russian."
Cari Gulbrandsen

Russian course in Online.

"It takes a lot of work to teach Russian, but I'm doing very well thanks to her knowledge."
James Churchill

Russian course in Saskatoon.