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Cat Spanish


The creators of this app decided to take a creative and humorous approach to help cat lovers improve their Spanish skills. While using it, users will learn common phrases and words with the help of amusing cat themed pictures. To give you an idea of the application’s method, phrases like “Necesito ayuda” or “I need help” are presented with a photograph of a cat stuck in a tree and the word “por favor” comes with a picture of a cat standing on its hind legs with its paws put together as if it’s saying “please”. The amusing images mixed with the Spanish phrase, audio, translations and occasional side notes help the user expand his/her vocabulary and improve necessary speaking skills. After going over various sentences and words, you can expect to work on a quiz to see how much information you were able to memorize. As you build up your knowledge, you will advance through levels and work your way through a racing path on the home screen. Users of the app can also “race” through this path with other friends who are also subscribed to the app. 


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Eric Vargas

Eric is a virtual nomad who has been living in various South American countries for the past six years. Although he is originally form the US, Chile is currently his new home. He has a passion for writing, and anything creative and artistic.


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"I'm really enjoying my Spanish lessons with Andrea - she's really great to work with and she's really helping with my accent!"
Jack Baker

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"The lessons have been going very well so far as I am becoming more familiar with a variety of words, phrases and numbers along with gaining an understanding of sentence structure. My instructor is doing an excellent ..."
Ann Parente

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"Our lessons are going well! We are enjoying them. Carolina is great so far."
Michelle Dryburgh

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"Things are going swimmingly. Norman is amazing! The lessons are fun and I can feel my Spanish skills improving already. I am very impressed with my instructor."
Candace Haddock

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"The Spanish lessons are going great at the minute. I'm really enjoying them."
Andrew Cashin

Spanish course in Online.