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FluentU is a very unique app because it consists of a video-based learning approach. The FluentU dashboard lists various topics such as sports, travelling, and dating (just to name a few) with links to videos taken from various sources. Users will gain language knowledge by watching movie trailers, commercials, music videos, and inspirational videos. While watching the videos, users can follow along with interactive subtitles which also provide definitions for certain words as well as explanations for certain language structures. This app is perfect for those who want a taste of Spanish as it’s used in a real life context.


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Eric is a virtual nomad who has been living in various South American countries for the past six years. Although he is originally form the US, Chile is currently his new home. He has a passion for writing, and anything creative and artistic.


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"I am very happy with Carlos, my tutor, and his attention to my needs and careful preparation of each session. I have found the course extremely worthwhile - time now to put it into practice!"
Ray Brooke

Spanish course in Ottawa.

"I've gotten a lot out of the program. Themis, my Spanish teacher, did a great job of making the material relevant to my area of work and environmental concerns."
Ann Parente

Spanish course in Online, Avangrid.

"I truly enjoy learning from my teacher and cannot imagine what learning Spanish would be like with anyone else. If there was a star rating I would give her 5/5!!"
Ashley Alexander

Spanish course in Fort Wayne.

"I will certainly be better prepared for my next Latin American business trip!"
Kal von Gal

Spanish course in Online.

"My Spanish lessons with Maria are going well and I just completed my third lesson. She is a good teacher and really is helping my advancement."
Justin Montigny

Spanish course in Windsor.