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Ok, so as a language enthusiast, I should be anti-Google Translate, I know, I know. It's terrible! How could I possibly recommend something like this?! Well, let me tell you where the app beats the website. A little while ago Google purchased the rights to a very cool and futuristic app called WordLens, which displayed an instant translation to words, paragraphs, and signs if you held your phone's camera in front of them. I told you it was futuristic. That technology has now been integrated into the Google Translate app.

This means that if you're really struggling to understand a text, you can hold your phone above it and have technology do the work for you. There's also a writing feature. You can write with your finger or keyboard. The final method is via microphone. Your phone will pick up words it hears in Italian and translate them on the screen for you. Unbelievable.

Why would this be a benefit to people wanting to learn Italian? Well, sometimes, things just don't make sense. Using technology that can instantly give you what you're struggling to find doesn't mean you've failed. The thing is, this technology is still very young, and you can't rely on it to be 100% correct, so your knowledge of Italian will come in when you're working on the exact translation. But this app is there to get you started.


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Lindsay Dow

Lindsay Dow is a dedicated language tutor, blogger, and video maker from Milton Keynes, England. When she’s not teaching languages, she’s learning them herself and documenting the process of and her YouTube channel. When she’s not doing that, she’s playing with her tortoise Gonzo who speaks a grand total of zero languages.


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"I am very happy with my teacher, Claudia. I like her teaching style and also she has very nice way making me speaking Italian as much as possible during the class."
Julia Gauchman

Italian course in Chicago.

"Overall Nadia, my Italian teacher, has been excellent. She is always on time and extremely knowledgeable both about the language and overall culture."
Braxton ONeal

Italian course in Raleigh.

"My Italiano classes are going molto bene! My professoressa is a super tutor."
Joseph De Angelis

Italian course in Colorado Springs.

"I have now had 3 classes with my teacher Ester and am really enjoying them. We are primarily speaking only in Italian."
Anna Scarola

Italian course in Raleigh.

"The class is very good and both Diane and I like our tutor, Tony, very much. We look forward to the rest of our lessons."
Robert Barone

Italian course in Reno.