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Learn Spanish with MindSnacks

beginner to intermediate

This Spanish learning application allows students to learn important language skills by advancing through 50 interactive levels.  Users can download the first level for free and then download the remaining levels for only $5.00 on iTunes.  This 50-level course comes with nine games, personalized activities, “quests” and “challenges” which review previously learned skills and introduce new language points, audio activities, and 40 hours of content to help students learn over 100 Spanish words and phrases. The games on this application were developed by Ivy League professors and while playing them, students will have the opportunity to master things such as verb conjugation, ar/ir/er endings, and general grammar points.


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"Listen and Learn helped me get back into learning Spanish. Thanks for the great program and interesting faculty all accessible from my home!"
Mary Ann Steiner

Spanish course in Online.

"The lessons have been going great so far and, more importantly, my teacher is very engaged and accommodating when I have had to reschedule a few lessons on short notice."
Ann Parente

Spanish course in Online.

"The lessons have been going very well!"
Harriet Robinson

Spanish course in Edmonton, Human Resources Manager, Emeco.

"Yes, my Spanish teacher is perfect. I enjoy my lessons with her. She is very passionate."
Niki Lambrou

Spanish course in Online.

"I'm very pleased with our teacher. She is indeed a good fit, and is keenly interested in my progress, which I appreciate. She's extremely intelligent and a great teacher."
Wendy Hannam

Spanish course in Toronto.