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Maria’s Spanish Class

beginner to intermediate

Although this application is only available for iPhone users and the price is somewhat steep, Maria’s Spanish Class has everything a Spanish student needs to develop their communication skills. This application promises to help students advance from pure beginner-level to intermediate while allowing them to proceed at their own pace. The application presents its lessons in the form of games, which use flashcards, fill-in-the-blank activities, audio exercises, and multiple-choice quizzes to help students improve their language skills. The only downside to this app is the somewhat low quality graphics and the occasional volume issues on some of the audio clips. 


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From our clients all over the world

"The lessons are going great. Carla is an awesome teacher – we're having fun and learning a lot. Very enjoyable!!"
Katie Trueman

Spanish course in Chicago, Senior Account Executive, Queue Marketing Communications Group.

"The class was really good. Alejandro, our Spanish teacher, was very nice and he hit the ground running with us. We were very impressed with him."
Derek Groen

Spanish course in Cambridge.

"Elizabeth, my Spanish teacher, is very encouraging and dedicated. She has helped me a lot getting better in class. Her teaching method is good and I made good progress."
Keven Narrainen

Spanish course in Long Beach.

"The classes are going well. We really like our instructor. She is engaging and accommodates our requests. We use the class and homework material to practice!"
Shilpa Raut

Spanish course in Online.

"I am pleased with my lessons and especially with my Listen and Learn instructor. I really like the fact that I am skyping with someone in a Spanish-speaking country. I appreciate the one-on-one approach that allows ..."
Carol Massanari

Spanish course in Online.