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Open Languages Spanish
Open Language Inc.

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Open language, formerly known as Spanish Pod has a more serious and professional feel to it. Open Language follows the structure of a typical language course that corresponds to the six levels of the CEFR. Each lesson focuses on analyzing dialogue between two characters. The characters repeat the Spanish dialogue several times and then occasionally add English comments to explain certain words, phrases and grammar points.  Each lesson comes with a script, vocabulary lists, exercises and review of words and additional phrases.  If you consider yourself a serious Spanish student or if you’d like to take a more structured approach, this app will definitely suit your interests. 


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"Elizabeth, my Spanish teacher, is very encouraging and dedicated. She has helped me a lot getting better in class. Her teaching method is good and I made good progress."
Keven Narrainen

Spanish course in Long Beach.

"My first Spanish lesson went splendidly and I LOVED my teacher! We already worked on a lot of material, and I have plenty of studying to do, but plan to make a great effort at it, and hopefully make her proud!"
Camille jim

Spanish course in Calgary.

"We really appreciate Alejandro as a teacher. He is working with us at our pace, and has been very flexible, including continuing to teach us remotely."
Derek Groen

Spanish course in Cambridge.

"The class was really good. Alejandro, our Spanish teacher, was very nice and he hit the ground running with us. We were very impressed with him."
Derek Groen

Spanish course in Cambridge.

"The Spanish lessons are going well. Irene gives me lessons tailored to my abilities and gaps, while we work through business Spanish."
Michele Linehan

Spanish course in Online.