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Spanish Class

beginner to intermediate

Spanish Class is an interactive application that offers customized lessons focusing on common Spanish phrases, grammar, verb conjugation, and vocabulary. The exercises in each lesson incorporate listening and speaking exercises that go over specific topics such as food, vacation, and public transport, just to name a few. The listening activities make use of high-quality audio clips and the user may also record his/her voice into the system when working on speaking exercises. After each lesson, students will also come across a short review activity covering the language points where the most errors were made. The application keeps track of the student’s progress with charts, exercise summaries and plenty of review, especially with more advanced language structures. The application is constantly updating and improving and users are encouraged to send in ideas of what to add to the lessons, as well as general feedback and complaints by logging into:


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"The lessons with Silvia are going very well. I chose Listen & Learn because I had a great experience learning Serbian with the company previously."
John Clinton

Spanish course in New York.

"Norman is a great teacher and a good fit for me. I am already seeing a drastic improvement with my Spanish."
Michael Mehlhorn

Spanish course in Brampton, Country Security Office, Siemens.

"The Spanish lessons are going well. Irene gives me lessons tailored to my abilities and gaps, while we work through business Spanish."
Michele Linehan

Spanish course in Online.

"I chose Listen & Learn after researching the best way to learn a language. The approach fits with my lifestyle and offers a unique one-on-one experience."
Jenna Wade

Spanish course in Online.

"Elizabeth, my Spanish teacher, is very encouraging and dedicated. She has helped me a lot getting better in class. Her teaching method is good and I made good progress."
Keven Narrainen

Spanish course in Long Beach.