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Did you know that Dutch is spoken outside the Netherlands? You’ll also find native and second-language speakers in different parts of the world, such as Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, or St Maarten. Sign up for online Dutch lessons with us at Listen & Learn and expand your global family! All of our programs are completely personalized to suit your level, background, and needs. Thus, if you love literature, our tutors will prepare interactive lessons around poems or novels. If you prefer to learn Dutch with movies instead, it’s also possible! Soon, you’ll find yourself speaking in Dutch with native and non-native speakers alike.


Some reasons to learn Dutch

Dutch is spoken by over 23 million people worldwide. So, you’ll not only expand your chances of making new, international friends by learning the language, but you’ll get in-depth knowledge of their culture and traditions. Plus, acquiring a foreign language such as Dutch can give you a competitive edge over monolingual candidates if you plan to work for a Dutch-speaking company.


What will you learn with us?

Get started with Dutch lessons today! You just need to contact us and we will pair you up with one of our native-speaking, professional tutors. They have been teaching their mother tongue for many years and know exactly how to prepare lessons that suit your needs and requirements! If you are completely new to Dutch, you will get started with some Survival Lessons. As the name shows, these classes are meant to introduce you to the language, give you an idea of the pronunciation system, and teach you some phrases for you to start speaking in Dutch.


Once you advance in your Dutch journey, your instructor will come up with a tailor-made curriculum that focuses on developing your skills integrally. This means you won’t only be learning grammar rules or vocabulary items but you’ll read, write, speak, and listen to authentic materials in Dutch.


Why take online Dutch lessons with us?

  • You’ll take lessons via Skype, which allows you to record the lesson for later review.
  • Our agents will help you with any technical issue you may have. 
  • You can reschedule the lesson with just one business day’s notice.


Start your online Dutch course today! You can take individual or group lessons with friends or family members. The maximum number of people per session should be 8, though we can make arrangements for bigger groups if necessary. Just reach out to us and let’s discuss your needs!


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The best resources to learn dutch

Dutch is not only spoken in the Netherlands, but also in many other places in the world like certain regions in Belgium, Suriname, or Aruba, which means you can find Dutch speakers to talk to scattered around the world! Learn Dutch and navigate your way around places where almost no one speaks English, connect with locals when traveling to Dutch-speaking places, and expand your professional horizons. Here, we have compiled a list of resources so you can improve your proficiency level from home while having some fun.  

Grammar Grammatica

Luckily for you, Dutch grammar resembles English in a variety of ways. For example, it also has the classic Subject-Verb-Object structure, which means you won’t have to deal with word order. However, Dutch inflects all its nouns for number and gender (which are not limited to feminine and masculine, you also have neuter gender!). Don’t stress out over these grammar issues and practice as much as possible. These resources can help you:

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Access the Dutch Grammar Forum and find lots of valuable information on how to practice and improve. You can ask questions and get feedback from other motivated learners and even teachers. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Learn Practice offers online exercises and quizzes so you can acquire Dutch grammar in a fun, engaging manner. Some topics you can practice include nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, and more.  
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for worksheets and exercises to improve your understanding of Dutch tenses and conjugations, Dutch to Learn Free is the website for you. 

Pronunciation Uitspraak

In terms of pronunciation, you will also find a lot of common elements with English (such as aspiration and many consonants that are pronounced the same). Yet, Dutch has daunting combinations of 3 and sometimes 4 vowels plus very different intonation patterns. Learn more about these elements of Dutch pronunciation on the following websites!

  •  BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Did you know that the Dutch language is not only spoken in the Netherlands, but also in other regions like Suriname or Belgium? As such, the language has almost half a dozen dialects with their own intonation and cadence. Read our article and learn more about them!
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE If you need a helping hand to improve your Dutch pronunciation, find some great tips here to take your skills to the next level in a short time! 
  •  BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Looking for some exercises to brush up your Dutch sounds and intonation? Dutch to Learn Free offers dozens of interactive tasks and games categorized by level so you can improve your diction from the comfort of your home. 

Vocabulary Woordenschat

Being languages in the same branch, English and Dutch share a lot of vocabulary. For example, the words brandy, bush, or cookie all come from Dutch. Conversely, terms like bumper, baby, basketball, or camping were borrowed from English, so you will find there are many words in Dutch you already know. Still, if you want to build up your lexicon in a fun, engaging way, you can make use of the resources listed below:

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Read our blog post and learn the most essential slang you will need to be fluent in Dutch! 
  •  BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Vocabulary builders are great to increase your lexicon in a fun, meaningful way. Digital Dialects has a great tool so you can choose the words you want to practice and then play games to remember them!
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Travelling to a Dutch-speaking country is not easy, especially if your language level is low. Find here some survival phrases that will make communication in Dutch a little bit simpler! 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Did you know that Dutch has hundreds of borrowed words from English? This means that there are probably a lot of terms you already know without being aware of it. Read our article and discover which ones! 

Reading Lezing

Looking to advance your reading skills? In addition to knowing a lot of vocabulary, you need to be familiar with how texts in Dutch are organized to understand them. The only way to learn these elements is by practicing a lot! Acquire some strategies and increase your understanding of written texts in Dutch using the apps and websites below.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Reading the news in your target language is a great exercise to learn more vocabulary, understand how texts are organized, and improve your overall reading comprehension skills. If you are looking for some opportunities to read the news in Dutch, you can install this free Chrome browser extension and give it a try! 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Dutch to Learn Free also has dozens of short texts with reading comprehension exercises. These texts are graded for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level students, so you can make use of these fantastic resources regardless of your proficiency in Dutch. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Read fiction in Dutch and entertain yourself while improving your language skills! Lingua has a great collection of short stories and poems for different language levels accompanied by worksheets and tests to see how much you have understood from what you’ve read. 

Listening Luisteren

If you find that listening is one of the most challenging skills to learn, then our list of resources will be of help. Get all the practice you can with materials suitable for your level and interests and soon you will gain a good understanding of spoken speech in Dutch!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Do you enjoy learning languages through music? Then, try out Lyrics Training, a free app that features hundreds of songs with interactive activities so you learn new vocabulary while you sing along to these catchy tunes! 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for free listening practice in Dutch, subscribe to Dutch101Pod’s YouTube channel. They have an array of playlists featuring real-life dialogs at a restaurant, at the office, at a jewelry store, and many others so you can put your listening skills to the test. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Learn Dutch has a lot of situational videos specially designed for beginner and intermediate level students to improve their comprehension skills. You can watch these clips with or without subtitles, do the exercises, and then take a look at the answer key to understand what you did right or wrong. 

Writing Schrijven

Put your writing skills into use with the following websites and apps. Soon you’ll master the art of writing in a foreign language!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Find 8 great ideas here on how to improve your Dutch writing skills without a teacher! 
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Schrivjen online is a great website that focuses on the process of writing fiction and poetry in Dutch. From tips given by experts to daily prompts and exercises, you’ll find everything you need to write accurately in a short time. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Duolingo has a useful forum where you can ask for help and post your writing prompts in Dutch to get feedback from other motivated learners and native speakers for free. 

Speaking Spreken

It’s impossible to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language without actually speaking, right? If you are having trouble finding a partner with whom to practice, take a look at these online resources which can be your fast track to fluency in Dutch.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Join websites like Conversation Exchange and find native Dutch speakers or other motivated learners who want to practice speaking as much as you do! 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Want to increase your fluency and accuracy when communicating orally but don’t know how? Find here some great resources and pieces of advice and learn how to practice speaking in Dutch at home. 

Miscellaneous Diversen

Finally, these miscellaneous resources can also be of help in your journey toward proficiency in Dutch.

  • Dutch may look like a challenge, but it’s actually an easy language to learn for English speakers due to its similar vocabulary and grammar rules. Want to know more? Read our blog post and discover the 5 easiest things about learning Dutch!
  • Some mistakes are more easily made than others, and knowing about them beforehand is a good learning strategy. Take a look at our article and find out more about the most common mistakes students of Dutch make.
  • The Dutch language is full of surprises (for example, did you know that many of its colloquial phrases are borrowed from Hebrew?). Here are some of the most interesting.
  • Gain a better understanding of your Dutch abilities with our FREE level tests. As soon as you answer all the questions, you’ll get your results on-screen and via email. 

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