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Italian is known as the language of music and culture, not least because Italy has the most UNESCO sites in the world. Get started with online Italian lessons with Listen & Learn and our professional, native-speaking tutors will prepare an interactive course just for you! Forget about memorizing endless lists of words or grammar rules: our programs are fun and motivational, making use of real-life materials, such as songs or TV series, for you to learn at your own pace and time. Whether you want to learn online because you want to or because you must, you’ll soon acquire all the skills you need to travel, work, or even live in Italy.


Some reasons to learn Italian

Italian is a Romance language and a linguistic brother of Spanish, French, and Portuguese. These languages have similar phonemic and grammar systems (and share almost 40% of their vocabulary), so Italian is not only useful if you want to travel several European countries (you will have an easier time reading menus, maps, and signs, etc.), but it is a springboard to acquire even more languages in the future!


What will you learn with us?

Contact us today and we will start preparing fun lessons just for you, regardless of your proficiency level. If you don’t speak a word of Italian yet, you will receive some Survival Italian lessons to get started. Either way, you will be exposed to the language from the very first lesson to start training your listening comprehension and fine-tuning your pronunciation. You’ll also start acquiring some specific skills, like giving instructions, thanking others, ordering food, or greetings, so you can use Italian to communicate as soon as possible!

Once you become more fluent in Italian, you’ll keep on advancing with a tailor-made program for intermediate and advanced students. For instance, our instructors will help you master Italian’s complicated verb conjugations, making sure you always inflect them for gender and number.   


Why take Italian online lessons with us?

  • You can record the lesson via Skype to review them later.
  • Technical support is available from our agents. If you haven’t downloaded Skype yet, our technical team will help you to install the program, set it up, and test your video and audio.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility than with our face-to-face lessons. As our instructors don’t have to commute to your home or office, you can reschedule lessons with just one business day’s notice.

Start your online Italian course today! You can choose to take individual or small group sessions (with your friends or colleagues). Just bear in mind that the maximum number of people allowed per lesson is 8.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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italian Songs


Con te partirò - Andrea Bocelli

This is a timeless love song performed by one of the most famous Italian singers of all time, Andrea Bocelli. In this piece, the artist dreams of traveling to new places with his lover, so it’s a great opportunity to learn vocabulary related to love and companionship. Also, Bocelli has great diction and enunciates the words clearly, making it a good song for beginners to start training their ears. Some expressions you’ll be learning are “con te” (with you), “su navi per mari” (on ships overseas), “tu mia Luna” (my moon), and more! Listen to this amazing song by Andrea Bocelli!

italian Songs

Almeno tu nell’universo- Mia Martini

Mia Martini is one of the most well-known famous singers in Italy who often sings about heartbreak and disappointment. That is the case of Almeno tu nell’universo, where the poetic protagonist sings about loving a strange man, unique in this world, but who doesn’t pay any attention to her. The song is almost entirely sung in the conditional tense, so it’s great practice for intermediate or even advanced students looking to expand their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. There is heavy use of adverbs, for example, like davvero (really) or per sempre (forever). Enjoy her song here!

L’emozione non ha voce - Adriano Celentano

This song follows a man who’s confessing his love for a married woman, knowing she will never love him back. Still, he claims that his love will last for life. As the song is slow and Adriano Celentano pronounces each word very clearly, beginner students will find it easy to start training their listening comprehension while picking up some new words, such as “amico” (friend), vita (life), dormir (sleep), and more! The song also uses the future tense a lot, so it’s great if you’re looking to practice that particular grammatical feature while listening to great music. Click here to listen to this hit!

italian Youtube Channels


Weilá Tom

Weilá Tom is a YouTube channel for Italian language learners. Tom, the owner, always records positive messages about not giving up when learning Italian, even if the process is slow or difficult. Tom is not an Italian native speaker but an American who has been acquiring the language for the past 11 years. What he does, then, is to share his experience and talks about the things that worked for him as a native English speaker. The videos are suitable for all levels of proficiency, as he speaks Italian very slowly, and all his content has English subtitles. Subscribe to his channel here!

italian Youtube Channels


Learning a language is not only about memorizing rules or acquiring vocabulary. It is also important to feel inspired and to practice with others. So, why not subscribe to YouTube channels that give positive vibes and advice on how to learn Italian more efficiently, like Briller? This channel is run by Bryan, an American who’s been living in Italy for more than 10 years. He shares his passion not only for the Italian language, but also for the country’s culture and traditions. Watch these interesting videos and learn important Italian vocabulary, such as words relating to food, like gnocchi or papardelle. Subscribe to his channel here!

Breaking Italy

Listening to international news is a great way to acquire language fluency, increase your listening comprehension, and learn Italian vocabulary. One great YouTube channel for this is Breaking Italy, which features the hottest topics and trends from around the world, and the European Union in particular. By watching this content, you’ll get familiar with idiomatic expressions and slang in addition to everyday vocabulary. The man behind this show is a native Italian who speaks using very clear pronunciation and at a slow pace (especially when it comes to the news), so students of all levels can benefit from these videos. Subscribe to this channel here!

italian Apps


Fluent U

Watching videos is a great way to put your Italian skills into practice, and even more so if this content is graded by level. Fluent U offers exactly that: they have curated a list of movie trailers, music videos, interviews, and TV programs, and have rated them to suit different proficiency abilities. All these videos have subtitles that people switch on in case they want some help, as well. You can even click on the words that interest you to learn definitions, pronunciations, and examples of how they are used. The app also includes other resources, like flashcards and transcripts, to use on the go! Click here to check out the app.

italian Apps

50 Languages

Playing games is a great way to learn a language, and you can improve your Italian skills with an app like 50 languages. It has puzzles, crosswords, Spot the Difference, and other interactive games that will take your Italian vocabulary to the next level. The app also offers a phrasebook that links audio, text, and pictures, so you can get familiar not only with a word, but also with its meaning, pronunciation, and use. Also, you can check on your progress at any time by taking one of their proficiency tests (written, multiple-choice, word order, or bubble game)! Click here to check out the app.


Mondly is a great app to try if you are looking to improve your listening comprehension and expand your vocabulary in Italian. This app features hundreds of real-life conversations, recorded in great quality, that contain target terms and everyday expressions that are useful to know to increase your fluency. Best of all, Mondly can be used to test your comprehension in many different ways, like matching words to their English counterparts or by asking some general questions. The app’s videos are grouped into different proficiency levels, so you’re sure to find materials to practice, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced-level student. Click here to check out the app.


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The best resources to learn italian

Italian has more than 85 million speakers worldwide and has been declared as one of the 15 most influential languages by the BBC. This means that learning Italian can expand your horizons and present countless opportunities. For example, it can improve your professional prospects if you plan to work for an Italian-speaking company or enable you to make the most out of your future trips to Italy.

Want to master the Italian language in a short time? There is no better way than by practicing what you learn in class by using tools and media! Make use of these resources to develop your productive and receptive skills while learning more about Italian grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation!

Grammar Grammatica

Word order in Italian is typically the same as in English (subject, verb, object). Yet, Italian adds several grammar complications to English speakers, such as gendered nouns. For instance, a chair is feminine (la chedia) while the world is masculine (il mondo). Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. The only way to learn Italian grammar is to study the rules and then practice them...a lot. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available with exercises and activities to help.


Verb Conjugators

Do you need to conjugate a verb in Italian but you cannot remember how to do it? Let these verb conjugators remind you!


Grammar Exercises

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED The Online Italian Club has free grammar activities graded by level and organized by topic. In addition to interactive tasks and games, the page also features short but clear explanations on different themes, like tenses or pronouns.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED One world Italiano is another website where you can find plenty of grammar exercises regarding pronouns, articles, adjectives, verb tenses, and more! Plus, it has achievement tests, useful to check how much you have learned so far.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Cyber Italian does not have exercises but complete explanations of most of the grammar topics you will need to become proficient in Italian. These explanations include visuals, examples, and tables to make them more engaging.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Piero, one of our certified Italian teachers, recommends, where you will find video lessons with grammar exercises that cover the most typical aspects of Italian culture.

Pronunciation Pronuncia

Italian pronunciation differs widely from English. First, because it is a syllable-timed language (speakers pronounce each syllable equally) while English is stressed-timed (non-important parts of speech are compressed together). Second, Italian is a very phonetic language, so most words are pronounced the way they are written. You only need to familiarize yourself with new sounds (like double consonants) that do not exist in English to pronounce words correctly. Use these resources to get acquainted with the Italian accent and intonation!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED The Italian language has a lot of different dialects depending on the region. Would you like to know more about them, how they are used, and by whom? Read our insightful post on the topic!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED One of our world-class instructors, Piero, also recommends listening to this Spotify playlist to practice your listening and pronunciation with the most famous Italian songs.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Italienisch is a great resource for beginners who are still getting familiar with the Italian alphabet and sounds. It features each sound with its possible spellings and an audio recording for you to listen to and repeat! You can find both vowels and consonants on this site.

  • ADVANCED I Will Teach You a Language is a website run by a native English speaker who learned several Romance languages, including Italian, and now dedicates himself to helping others who want to do the same. On this site, for example, you can find a complete and useful guide on how to get rid of your English accent when speaking Italian.

Vocabulary Vocabolario

A robust vocabulary will not only improve your oral and written skills, but it will also give you more confidence when communicating in Italian (as you won’t be at a loss for words when you want to speak about a certain topic). Now, nobody wants to spend endless hours memorizing lists of words. But don’t worry. With these online resources, you can learn new terms and expressions from home while having some fun!

  • ADVANCED A big part of being fluent in a given language is using its colloquial phrases and slang correctly. Few textbooks will teach you colloquialisms but read our article to discover the most popular slang terms that will help you sound like a true Italian. 

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for an illustrated Italian dictionary, you can find a good one on Italiano RAI. The webpage contains hundreds of everyday terms with their definitions, how to use them, relevant examples, and a picture (when applicable).

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Parliamo Italiano offers hundreds of interactive vocabulary activities, categorized by level or topic. Have fun while you learn words about food, jobs, the seasons, and more!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Alessandra, another of our native-speaking Italian teachers mentions Il Post, a wonderful resource to read to discover Italian culture and news. The website is free, with articles on different topics that range from the arts to the Italian voting system.

Reading Lettura

Reading is a crucial skill to master when learning a foreign language. Not only to be able to read novels or the newspaper, but also for travelers. When in Italy, you will need to read the menu at the restaurant, important signs on the street, and leaflets or brochures at the hotel. Take a look at the resources we have compiled for you and invest some time to improve your reading skills at home!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Are you looking to read some great books in Italian but you are not sure if they are suitable for your level? Take a peek at these book reviews, categorized by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and start reading in Italian today!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Corriere Italian is a great newspaper for intermediate and advanced Italian learners. You will develop your reading skills, learn new vocabulary, and discover more about what is going on in Italy (and Europe).

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Project Gutenberg has an array of free books in Italian that range from classics, like La Divina Comedia, to contemporary young adult novels, and which you can download in PDF or MOBI format.

Listening Ascolta

Listening in a foreign language can be daunting, especially when you have to communicate with someone in real time. You will not be able to pause, rewind, or fast-forward the conversation, or look for English subtitles if you don’t understand something. That is why you need to practice as much as possible and get used to the Italian way of speaking. Use these resources to develop your skills today! 

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Listening to music is a great way to improve your listening skills and pronunciation while learning more vocabulary. Read our article and some tips to learn Italian with music and take your skills to the next level.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Take this free listening test and practice your ability to identify different speakers in Italian. This way, you will gain a general idea of where you are at and what areas still need some improvement.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Watching TV shows is also incredibly helpful to not only become more proficient in listening but also to learn more about Italian culture and its traditions. Find here a short list of the best sitcoms to watch.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE News in Slow Italian is an amazing resource for those who are just starting their Italian journey and would like to train their ears to the news. As the name of the page suggests, the presenters speak at a slow pace and enunciate very clearly, using visual aids, so that anyone can understand what they are saying.

Writing Scrittura

Use these engaging resources to learn more about the mechanics of writing in Italian.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for inspiration on how to put your skills to practice, take a look at the following video and discover 8 ways to improve your writing skills in Italian.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE To improve your writing skills quickly, participate in an online challenge, such as the one proposed by Instantly Italy. The webmaster posts a daily prompt (such as writing a description of yourself or translating your favorite recipe). Post your text in the comments and receive feedback from other enthusiastic learners!

Speaking Parla

The best way to level up your speaking skills is, of course, to speak with as many people as possible. If you cannot find someone to talk with in your area, try out these apps and resources to improve your speaking ability from home!

For Kids Per Bambini

Have a look at some of these engaging resources and provide your kid with opportunities to learn Italian in the most fun way possible!

  • Stories are a meaningful way to not only acquire new and useful vocabulary but also to get familiar with the culture of a target language. If you are looking for some great Italian stories to tell your kids, you can find a lot of them at the Italian Experiment

  • Digital Dialects has an extensive library of classic and contemporary games for your kids to learn Italian vocabulary in an interactive way. Topics covered include colors, animals, greetings, food, and the seasons.

Miscellaneous Miscellaneo

Here are some miscellaneous resources that may be of help on your journey towards Italian proficiency.

Improve your Italian skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

Discover Popular Italian Songs