Italian is known as the language of music and culture, not least because Italy has the most UNESCO sites in the world. Get started with online Italian lessons with Listen & Learn and our professional, native-speaking tutors will prepare an interactive course just for you! Forget about memorizing endless lists of words or grammar rules: our programs are fun and motivational, making use of real-life materials, such as songs or TV series, for you to learn at your own pace and time. Whether you want to learn online because you want to or because you must, you’ll soon acquire all the skills you need to travel, work, or even live in Italy.


Some reasons to learn Italian

Italian is a Romance language and a linguistic brother of Spanish, French, and Portuguese. These languages have similar phonemic and grammar systems (and share almost 40% of their vocabulary), so Italian is not only useful if you want to travel several European countries (you will have an easier time reading menus, maps, and signs, etc.), but it is a springboard to acquire even more languages in the future!


What will you learn with us?

Contact us today and we will start preparing fun lessons just for you, regardless of your proficiency level. If you don’t speak a word of Italian yet, you will receive some Survival Italian lessons to get started. Either way, you will be exposed to the language from the very first lesson to start training your listening comprehension and fine-tuning your pronunciation. You’ll also start acquiring some specific skills, like giving instructions, thanking others, ordering food, or greetings, so you can use Italian to communicate as soon as possible!

Once you become more fluent in Italian, you’ll keep on advancing with a tailor-made program for intermediate and advanced students. For instance, our instructors will help you master Italian’s complicated verb conjugations, making sure you always inflect them for gender and number.   


Why take Italian online lessons with us?

  • You can record the lesson via Skype to review them later.
  • Technical support is available from our agents. If you haven’t downloaded Skype yet, our technical team will help you to install the program, set it up, and test your video and audio.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility than with our face-to-face lessons. As our instructors don’t have to commute to your home or office, you can reschedule lessons with just one business day’s notice.

Start your online Italian course today! You can choose to take individual or small group sessions (with your friends or colleagues). Just bear in mind that the maximum number of people allowed per lesson is 8.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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