With more than 260 million speakers around the world, Russian is a great language to learn today. You’ll be well prepared to travel to Russia when the time is right, learn an in-demand skill, and be able to enjoy great Russian movies and TV series without the help of subtitles. And don’t be scared of the Cyrillic alphabet or its complicated grammar (it has 6 cases, while English has 3): our native-speaking instructors will personalize your course to ensure every lesson is as fun and interesting as possible.


What will you learn with us?

Anyone can take a course with us, regardless of their proficiency level. Beginners will get started with the alphabet and some basic vocabulary and phrases, so they can communicate and hold a basic conversation in a short time. Also, as our tutors are native speakers, students will be exposed to the language from the very first lesson. This will help them start perceiving phonemes and imitating the tonality and cadence of Russian to sound as native-like as possible in the future!

Advanced and intermediate students will continue their language journey with tailor-made online lessons that suit their skills and preferences. For instance, if you want to acquire Russian while reading Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Pushkin, we can prepare classes with those materials in mind. Or, if you prefer cinema, our instructors will plan your lessons around your favorite movies.


More reasons to learn Russian

Further, Russian is a Slavic language, a linguistic brother to Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Czech, and others. This means that they are very similar in grammar and vocabulary, so once you master Russian, it will be a lot easier for you to get started with other Slavic languages and become multilingual! Sign up for an online Russian course today and become fluent in a short time.


Why should I take online Russian lessons?

  • No commuting and more flexibility. Neither you nor the teacher will have to waste time going from one place to the other for your language lessons. This also means that our instructors can reschedule your classes with just 1 business day’s notice.
  • Convenience: You don’t even have to leave your bed to take our online Russian lessons! You choose when to have you lessons and your teacher will be ready.
  • Technical Support: Our agents will be there to help you download and set up Skype (if you haven’t downloaded it already), or solve any technical issues that may arise while taking your lessons.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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