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If you’ve always dreamt of visiting Capadocia and making the most out of your journey, or want to apply for new a job in Turkey or communicate with your Turkish in-laws, then our online Turkish courses are ideal for you! Our programs are completely tailored to our students. This means you can start learning today no matter whether you are almost fluent or if you’ve never uttered a word in Turkish before. Our native tutors know how to adapt the lessons so they are meaningful and entertaining!


What will you learn with us?

Sign up for our Turkish language lessons and you won’t only learn grammar or vocabulary. Instead, our professional tutors will focus on developing your productive (speaking and writing) and receptive skills (reading and listening) using real-life materials that will motivate and interest you! Soon, you’ll be able to have a full conversation with the almost 80 million people who speak Turkish worldwide.


What resources do we use?

All of our tutors are native speakers of the language they speak and have been trained professionally. This means they know how to assess your current skills and choose materials appropriate to your level, age, interests, and background. Plus, you can make suggestions to your tutor and communicate your likes and dislikes. For instance, if you are keen on music, your lessons will revolve around Turkish artists. You’ll get to practice your pronunciation while you sing along to catchy songs in your target language! Just let us know what you prefer and our instructors will do their best to suit your requirements.


Some benefits of our online Turkish lessons include:

  • Technical support in case issues arise.
  • Take the course from the comfort of your home.
  • No commute time.
  • Flexibility to suit your busy schedule
  • The possibility of recording the lesson using Skype to review the topics later.


Choose between one-to-one lessons or a small, closed group with your friends, co-workers, or family members. Contact us today and start an engaging journey towards Turkish fluency!

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The best resources to learn turkish

Turkish language skills are a unique asset today. Learning the language will not only be useful when traveling to Turkey, but it will also give you a competitive advantage if you ever plan to conduct business with this country, as very few people there are proficient in English. Start learning Turkish with the following resources and start communicating with over 90 million people while connecting with a new culture on a different level!


Turkish is an agglutinative language, which means that grammar is mostly expressed by adding suffixes to nouns, verbs, and adjectives. While this is a completely different system from the English one, you’ll find that the rules are far more stable and regular. Plus, with the help of the resources below, you’ll soon master these grammar rules with ease!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Fluent In Turkish is an amazing website for intermediate and advanced students of Turkish who wish to increase their knowledge of grammar rules, the alphabet, circumflex accents, and much more!

  • BEGINNER These grammar exercises for beginners by Mondly will take you one step closer to fluency without feeling bored or overwhelmed.

  • BEGINNER Turkish Explained has a short guide to grammar and structure so you can get a quick overview of the system before you start practicing!

Pronunciation TELAFFUZ

Would you like to fine-tune your pronunciation skills but are unable to find a partner or a suitable teacher with whom to practice and improve? Take a look at these resources and do it yourself!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Learn more about the top dialects of the Turkish language in this blog post by Listen & Learn.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for some help regarding pronunciation, take a look at this complete guide by IeLanguages that covers not only individual sounds but also dialects, accents, minimal pairs, and many tips and secrets on how to improve your pronunciation skills.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Turkish Class offers an array of exercises to improve your pronunciation of vowels, consonants, words, and phrases using real-life conversation recordings featuring different situations.


Turkish vocabulary is nothing like English, so it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed by thousands of new words to learn that are so different from your native language. However, this is not an impossible endeavor. With the help of the following apps and websites, soon you’ll increase your Turkish vocabulary in a fun, meaningful manner!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Learning slang is essential to truly sound like a local and understand what native speakers are saying. Learn more about these phrases with our blog post about 10 essential slang words you need to know before you travel to Turkey!

  • BEGINNER If you like to learn languages through games, you can have some fun and learn the numbers, the colors, fruits and vegetables, and other vocabulary items with Turkish Digital Dialects. These games are free of charge!

  • ADVANCED Advanced Turkish students can also practice and test their Turkish vocabulary skills with multiple-choice exercises on different categories such as Biology, Commerce, Computer Science, and much more with!

Reading OKUMA

If you wish to take your reading skills to the next level using real-life, motivating materials, you should take a look at the list of resources we have compiled for you. They are free of charge and suitable for different levels of proficiency!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE The Dem Turkish Center offers a reading book for beginner and intermediate students that promotes reading comprehension and cultural exchange by offering texts about animals, food, capital cities, and popular festivals in Turkey.

  • INTERMEDIATE Read the Declaration of Human Rights in both English and Turkish and check how much you understand!

  • BEGINNER If you are a beginner looking for opportunities to increase your reading comprehension skills, you can find dozens of ideas and texts with exercises at Turkish Class 101.

Listening DİNLEME

Listening can be one of the trickiest abilities to master, especially if you are a beginner. You may find it hard to pay attention to pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and rhythm all at once. But don’t worry! The resources below can help you with your language journey. 


It’s not easy to improve your writing skills in a foreign language, particularly if you still haven’t found a native teacher who can give you honest feedback. However, with patience and effort, you can start writing in Turkish on your own using the following resources:

Speaking KONUŞMA

Don’t wait until you feel ready to speak in Turkish to actually start practicing... that may never happen! Take the leap and begin using your oral skills with friends and tutors and soon you’ll notice how your ability improves in a short time!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are looking for a motivated partner with whom to communicate in Turkish, you can always join platforms like Conversation Exchange. In this forum, you’ll meet native speakers and students and arrange virtual or in-person meetings to put your skills into use.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Looking to take your speaking skills to the next level but you are not sure how? Access this guide by Turkish Class 101 and discover 5 brilliant ways to improve your oral ability from the comfort of your home!

Miscellaneous ÇEŞİTLİ

Find below some miscellaneous resources that will also come in handy when trying to learn Turkish from home.


Improve your Turkish skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

Discover Popular Turkish Songs