Danish Lessons in Newark

Your colleagues and yourself can be trained by our native-speaking fully-qualified Danish tutors at a time and location to suit you. Classes can take place any day, even weekends, and can happen in the morning, afternoon or evening. If the case may be that your home or office is not convenient, there is always the option to take your classes at the office of your teacher. Study books for the lesson are provided.

Danish 1-to-1 General

Danish lessons of this type are broader and are aimed towards students with a variety of requirements. While all beginner level students will cover survival Danish - needed for short visits to countries where English isn't widely spoken, or if you wish to 'go local'; those studying Danish usually go in different directions at this point, depending on what they need. Those who have benefitted from these Danish classes have been those investing in or buying property overseas, those married to overseas nationals, people setting off on a round-the-world trip, enthusiasts in Danish culture, and those enthusiastic to pass a specific exam in Danish.


Danish 1-to-1 Business

Those who would benefit the most from these Danish tutorials are those who feel they need to learn Danish to help them out in their business lives. For starters, learning salutations and business etiquette is integral; once these have been practiced then reading and writing lessons can start. Typical studiers have been those involved in international import/export, negotiations and acquisitions, those in multinational companies requiring another language, and those working in any way with international governments and relevant administration. Just our simplest lesson for beginners will have students finishing the lessons with basic telephone and e-mail Danish, as well as survival Danish should a visit to the country be necessary.


These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes

Danish Closed Group Lessons

Those wishing to learn Danish in groups of 2 or more together (Two-to-One Danish Lessons or Small Group In-Company Danish Lessons) can sign up for our group classes. All students must be at nearly the same level of Danish proficiency, must have the same needs from the language, and must be able to study at the same time and place as the others. Bookings must be made for all students simultaneously. Listen & Learn do not propose group sizes or more than 6-8 people, but In-Company Taster Danish Lessons can occur with up to 12 people.


These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes
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Danish Language Essentials

Top Danish Food/Drink
1) Hot dogs
2) Licorice
3) Apple pork

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Top 3 Danish Survival Phrases
1) Hvordan har du/de det? (How are you?)
2) Tak! (Mange tak!) [Thank you (very much)!]
3) Hvor meget koster den/ det? (How much is this?)

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Top Danish Idioms & Proverbs
1) At stå med håret i postkassen. ("To stand with one’s hair in the pillarbox.")
2) Man må hyle med de ulve man er i blandt. ("To howl with the wolves one is amongst.")
3) Pels ikke bjørnen før den er skudt. ("Don’t skin the bear before it is shot.")

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Danish Slang Words & Phrases
1) Flimmerkasse (television)
2) A herring (a young, attractive woman)
3) Hvad så? (What's up?)

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The Easiest Things About Learning Danish
1) Danish is mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Swedish.
2) The language has many German-based cognates with English.
3) It uses the latin alphabet.

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The Most Difficult Things About Learning Danish
1) Danes tend to mumble when they speak.
2) Danish has 40 vowels.
3) Every noun has a gender.

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3 Surprising Facts About Danish
1) Danish speakers can understand Norwegian and Swedish.
2) Danish is an official language in Greenland.
3) Vowels abound.

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Top 3 mistakes Danish students makes
1) Not practicing the guttural R.
2) Mixing up D sounds.
3) Misplacing gender articles.

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Top Danish Dialects
1) Zealandic
2) Jutlandic
3) Bornholmsk

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