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FLEMISH classes near you: at home, at work, or online

Flemish classes near you: at home, at work, or online

You and your colleagues can be trained by our native-speaking, fully-qualified Flemish tutors at a time and location to suit you. Our tailor-made Flemish classes can take place any day, even weekends, in the morning, afternoon or evening. If your home or office is not convenient, there is always the option to take your Flemish classes at the office of your teacher. Study books for the course are recommended taking into account the learner’s level and goals.
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From our clients all over the world

"I have finished my lessons and I was very satisfied. I had fun and learned a lot. My family really noticed an improvement in my Flemish!"
Danielle Dresch

Flemish course in Online.

"Cantonese is different from the other languages that I speak, but Janice has started to limit the amount of new material each week, so I can better absorb it."
Paul Rosborough

Cantonese course in Oakville.

"Pascal has a good understanding of my level and sets the work and homework accordingly, and we're working through the basics at the moment."
Richard Johnson

French course in Online.

"My teacher is very attentive to my needs regarding language and even scheduling. He is very flexible and is able to work with my busy schedule."
Delma Ramirez

Portuguese course in Online.

"My daughter loves her teacher, so thank you for a finding a perfect fit."
Derek Zott

English course in Long Beach.

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Karen Ahola Finnish in Calgary
There are many language learning companies on the Internet. Listen & Learn was the only one that met my criteria

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From our clients all over the world

Cmedia Americas Inc
Language learned: English in Sacramento.

Huf UK Ltd.
Language learned: French in Indianapolis.

Zimex Aviation
Language learned: English in Raleigh.

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