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There has never been a better time to get off your devices and start learning Japanese in-person. Sign up for our face-to-face Japanese lessons today and learn at home, at work or at our instructor’s office.!

The type of courses we offer:

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) General Japanese

These Japanese lessons are more general in nature and are targeted at students with a whole range of different needs. While all beginners level students can expect to cover Survival Japanese - required for short visits to a country where English may not be spoken and/or the intention is to make good contacts with the local population, students then generally progress in different directions depending on their needs. Typical students include those buying property overseas, spouses of overseas nationals, people about to set off on that long-awaited world trip, Japanese culture enthusiasts and those who are keen to pass a particular Japanese examination. Inquire now about our Japanese Courses or Take A Free Japanese Level Test

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Japanese

Those who would benefit the most from these Japanese tutorials are those who feel they need to learn Japanese to help them out in their business lives. For starters, learning salutations and business etiquette is integral; once these have been practiced then reading and writing lessons can start. Typical studiers have been those involved in international import/export, negotiations and acquisitions, those in multinational companies requiring another language, and those working in any way with international governments and relevant administration. Just our simplest lesson for beginners will have students finishing the lessons with basic telephone and e-mail Japanese, as well as survival Japanese should a visit to the country be necessary. Inquire now about our Japanese Courses or Take A Free Japanese Level Test

Face-to-Face Closed (Private) Group General or Business Japanese

Those wishing to learn Japanese in groups of 2 or more together (Two-to-One Japanese Lessons or Small Group In-Company Japanese Lessons) can sign up for our group classes. All students must be at nearly the same level of Japanese proficiency, must have the same needs from the language, and must be able to study at the same time and place as the others. Bookings must be made for all students simultaneously. Listen & Learn do not propose group sizes or more than 6-8 people, but In-Company Taster Japanese Lessons can occur with up to 12 people. Inquire now about our Japanese Courses or Take A Free Japanese Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online 1-to-1 (Individual) General or Business Japanese

Our native-speaking qualified Japanese teachers can guide you and your group  at your work or at home, at a time convenient to you. Classes can take place on any day of the week - even weekends - morning, afternoon or evening. If needs be, if meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can take your lessons at the trainer's office. Study materials are supplied for you. Inquire now about our Japanese Courses or Take A Free Japanese Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online Group (Closed or Open) General or Business Japanese

The Japanese lessons are also available for 2 or more people studying together (Two-to-One Japanese Lesson or Small Group In-Company Japanese Lesson). All participants must have the same level, the same business or general language needs and be able to study at the same time in the same location. The booking must be made for all participants at the same time. Listen & Learn do not recommend group classes of more than 6-8 people although In-Company Taster Japanese Lessons can be run with up to 12 people. Inquire now about our Japanese Courses or Take A Free Japanese Level Test

Top Tips For…

japanese Songs


Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto

Do you like pop and would like to put your Japanese skills into play while listening to catchy songs? Then give Sukiyaki a try! This track tells the story of a man who talks about Japanese politics and his suffering at the time. However, the lyrics are generic enough for the song to be interpreted as losing a romantic partner. So, you’ll acquire some simple vocabulary and terms related to feeling blue, like Kanashī (feeling sad) and Omoide (memories ), or phrases like being away from someone (Watashi kara hanareru). After listening a few times, you’ll be able to talk about love and feelings in Japanese! Find the song here!

japanese Songs

Kawa no Nagare no You Ni - Hibari Misora

Learning Japanese can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to remembering new vocabulary. Luckily, there are thousands of materials you can use to learn in a meaningful way. One of them is through songs, like Kawa no Nagare no You ni, a solemn track about life and how nothing is permanent. The song is a bit old but has become a legend due to its many covers. The song is great to learn some basic vocabulary, like road (doro), hometown (Shusshin-chi), or traveling (ryoko). So, why don’t you grab a copy of the lyrics and try to understand what the singer is saying? Enjoy this beautiful track here!

Linda Linda - The Blue Hearts

Do you like karaoke? Would you like to improve your Japanese pronunciation by singing along to the songs you like the most? Then give “Linda, Linda” a try. This popular track is performed by a rock band called The Blue Hearts and is more suitable for advanced Japanese students due to the complexity of the vocabulary and the speed of delivery. This piece follows a man who is in love with the titular Linda and speaks about all the things he would do for her if they were a couple. Listen to the song with the lyrics at hand and pick up some terms about love! Listen to this catchy tune here.

japanese Apps


Learn Japanese

Mobile apps are great language learning tools and Learn Japanese is a fantastic app that has been built for both Android and iOS. The app is predominantly for beginner learners and focuses on teaching the most basic 800 Japanese words and phrases needed for a basic conversation. The vocabulary items are categorized into functions, like greetings, asking for help, ordering food, and more. In addition to each word and its definition, you can access an audio recording to help you grasp the pronunciation. So, you’ll learn how to pronounce individual sounds while knowing more about word stress.

japanese Apps

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese

If you are looking for an interactive, fun way to learn Japanese grammar, then Tae Kim’s Guide is the app for you. The app functions like a book, written for any learner who wants to fine-tune their Japanese skills. It focuses mostly on grammar and vocabulary, providing clear written and oral explanations with subsequent exercises for you to test what you have just learned. Beginners start by learning the Kanji and getting familiar with basic vocabulary, such as common greetings or the names of different types of food. More advanced users will find colloquial phrases and slang, as well as more complex grammatical explanations.


Looking for opportunities to improve your Japanese speaking skills with other enthusiastic learners or native speakers? HelloTalk is the app for you! Just download the app and create a profile, stating the languages you want to practice! The app will pair you with someone who wants to speak Japanese, as well. In addition to chatting via text and video call, you can provide each other with feedback, so you improve your speaking and listening skills. Best of all, the app is entirely free! Connect with people from different parts of the world and learn Japanese in an interactive way.


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"I've had three lessons so far and I'm having a lot of fun and learning very quickly. The course has met my expectations."
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