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Learn French


If you’re learning French purely for practical reasons such as to get by when travelling, then Learn French is the perfect app for you. This app is targeted at travellers and beginners, covering the most commonly used phrases and words. It covers scenarios such as greetings, eating, travel, romance and emergencies. The app concentrates on speaking and listening skills – essential for travellers needing a functional level of French. Available for iOS and Android, the app is easy to use and is great for what it is. The fact that the app uses an animated parrot to teach French vocabulary is the clue that this app helps you parrot learn some useful phrases (effectively), but won’t give you much knowledge of the language itself.


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Nicole Eberhard

Nicole Eberhard has a Masters degree in English Literature which has left her with a book-buying problem. She has since abandoned the world of academia, travelled to South America and is trying to master Spanish.


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"Rudy is such an authentic French teacher. He also moves at a fast pace. We covered a lot in our 2 hour lesson."
Lindsay LePage

French course in Burlington.

"Pascal has a good understanding of my level and sets the work and homework accordingly, and we're working through the basics at the moment."
Richard Johnson

French course in Online.

"The lesson went very well as expected. Mr. Christophe is a great instructor and I believe together we can achieve the desired results."
Moshe Bar Gil

French course in Online.

"Nadia is wonderful with the girls and is a terrific teacher. Both of my daughters aced their DELF exams and I credit Nadia with a huge part of that success."
Rebecca Gardiner

French course in Oakville.

"I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm more comfortable in speaking French without fear.I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm ..."
Mimi Wong

French course in Mississauga.