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This wonderfully designed iOS app is great if you’re a visual learner. MindSnacks has over 1,000 words and phrases and 50 lessons (although you need to pay to unlock all 50). You can choose between lessons and don’t have to follow a step-by-step course, which is very useful as you can choose which vocabulary is most relevant to you. There are a number of levels, each with a vocabulary list and a series of games. It feels more like a game than a language course, which makes learning fun and easy. The games vary in content, testing topics ranging from vocabulary to spelling. A nice feature is that the app keeps track of how many words and phrases you master, which is good for motivation. However, the app is limited in that it doesn’t teach grammar, making it better for beginners looking to learn some French vocabulary.


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Nicole Eberhard

Nicole Eberhard has a Masters degree in English Literature which has left her with a book-buying problem. She has since abandoned the world of academia, travelled to South America and is trying to master Spanish.


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"I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm more comfortable in speaking French without fear.I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm ..."
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