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MosaLingua Learn French
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MosaLingua Learn French focuses on sustained learning – ensuring you don’t forget the vocabulary you learn. This innovative app uses the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) method, which is designed to help you store new words in your long-term memory. It judges how difficult you find a particular section and then sets review dates to help you memorize the tricky vocabulary. This is very helpful if you struggle to retain vocabulary especially with the difficult spelling and pronunciation of French words.

What is great about the app is that it uses a number of methods: flashcards, audio (with speech recorded by native speakers), dialogues, learning tips, grammar sections, and a wide range of categories and sub-categories. It is enjoyable to use, and its method of tailoring the language reviews to your individual struggles is a big tick in its favor. Ultimately, the app will teach you the basics and specialized vocabulary but won’t help you past a basic level of French proficiency. Available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.


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Nicole Eberhard has a Masters degree in English Literature which has left her with a book-buying problem. She has since abandoned the world of academia, travelled to South America and is trying to master Spanish.


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Ann Gales

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