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Listen & Learn caters to your language learning needs, whether you want to improve your language skills on your own, or with a group of colleagues or friends

Online One-to-One Courses

If you are looking for personalized instruction from the comfort of your home, our online one-to-one language courses are the perfect option for you. Just reach out to us and tell us about your requirements and linguistic goals, and we will pair you up with the most suitable instructor for your needs.

Listen & Learn's one-to-one online courses!

Our one-to-one lessons are completely adapted to you, which means you get to study the language of your choice with real-life, motivating materials that spark your interest.

For instance, if you love learning through music, our native-speaking teachers will prepare a syllabus around the best songs in your target language.

You don’t need to own advanced equipment or be tech-savvy to sign up for our online language lessons.

You only need an electronic device, such as a laptop or tablet, a stable Internet connection, and Skype to get started.

With our online lessons, you will feel as if your teacher is right there with you! And the best part is that you don’t have to spend endless hours commuting or even leave your bed if you prefer to take audio-only lessons with us.

Further, class hours are flexible to your needs and busy schedule. Whether you want to take lessons in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we can make it happen! And if you need to reschedule, you just have to let your teacher know about it with at least one business day’s notice. Start learning the language you always wanted from anywhere!


Online closed group courses

If you love learning languages with others and have friends, co-workers, or family members who want to learn with you, sign up for our closed-group online courses. Study under the tutorship of one of our experienced, native-speaking instructors who will guide you to fluency in a fun, engaging way!

If you want to enroll in our closed-group language sessions, just consider this:

To ensure all participating students have the same opportunity to participate in class and develop their skills, the maximum number of learners allowed per group is eight.

Additionally, all participants need to have a similar level of proficiency. Otherwise, those with a better command of the language may feel bored during class time, while students with lower proficiency levels can feel frustrated.

If you are not sure of your current proficiency level, you can take our FREE level tests quickly and efficiently.

Our instructors will come up with a personalized curriculum that suits your goals, needs, and schedule. You are the ones in control!

So, if you prefer to learn a language using literary works, like novels or short stories, you got it. Or if you would rather learn by listening to music, we can do that, too! Reach out to us and get started with our closed group language courses today.

Online open group courses

Learning a language is always better through real communication, and our open group courses prioritize just that! Sign up for open group lessons and meet motivated learners from all around the world who are as passionate about languages as you are. The best part is that you will participate in an incredible cultural exchange and learn more about your peers’ traditions and beliefs while acquiring the language you’ve always wanted to learn.

You don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or bored in class, as all your partners will have the same level of proficiency as you.

Plus, your teacher will tailor the lessons to your common learning objectives and requirements, so all of you feel motivated to improve together!

Want to know more about our online open group language courses?

Our open group lessons typically last 5 weeks, which means you will acquire an in-demand skill in a short time..

In addition to a traditional textbook, our instructors will use the vast Internet resources they have at their disposal, such as fun games, YouTube videos, interactive worksheets, music, movie clips, and more..

To sign up for our open group language lessons, you only need to own a computer device (your laptop, tablet, or even smartphone will do), with a stable Internet connection and Zoom..

And if you have any questions or issues when using this software, our technical team will be happy to help!