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Are you planning to move to Sweden to study, work, or simply change your life? Then, you’ll need to learn Swedish as soon as possible! Plus, knowing Swedish will also allow you to travel and communicate with people living in Norway and Denmark, as the languages are mutually intelligible. Are you ready to get started? Contact us at Listen & Learn and we will design a personalized program just for you! Whether you need to sit for an important exam or plan to travel around the Scandinavian Peninsula, our professional tutors can help.


What will you learn with us?

Start your Swedish language journey with us at Listen & Learn and you will learn how to communicate in this foreign language in the most interactive way possible! We believe that languages are tools for communication, so the focus will be on developing your skills while you learn grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


If you are an absolute beginner, you will start familiarizing yourself with the formal systems of the language while you train your ear and learn some of the Swedish special characters. And if you have some knowledge of the language already, your teacher will design a personalized program to take your skills to the next level.


What type of materials do we use at Listen & Learn?

Lessons will be planned around real-life materials for you to get used to authentic language use. These materials include movies, songs, podcasts, poems, book excerpts, and more! Just communicate your preferences to your teacher and they will do their best to use materials that spark your interest.


Some benefits of our online Swedish courses are:

  • They are flexible. You’ll decide your schedule together with your teacher and you’ll get to reschedule lessons with just one business day’s notice.
  • They are completely personalized to your needs and requirements.
  • You’ll get technical support from our team.
  • You’ll get to practice your speaking skills with your teacher or with other partners, in case you decide to form a small, closed group with friends or family members. Please note that the minimum number of hours to book per course is 10.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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The best resources to learn swedish

Learn Swedish and you’ll achieve long-term career goals, make new international friends, get by in Sweden without any issues, and you’ll fit in culturally in any Scandinavian country. And the best part is that you don’t even have to leave your home to become bilingual: with these online resources, you can study Swedish on your own and without spending money!


Luckily, the Swedish grammar system does not differ so much from the English one, so you won’t have a hard time acquiring new inflections or complicated rules. Use these resources and improve your Swedish grammar skills to make your language learning even faster!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Learn Swedish grammar with MyLanguages. The site has an array of exercises and communicative tasks for you to learn nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, and many other parts of speech and grammar rules without paying a cent.

  • ADVANCED Learning Swedish has an amazing guide to Swedish grammar for advanced learners. You’ll find everything you need to know, from subordinate clauses to demonstrative pronouns, or auxiliary verbs explained in a simple way.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Looking for a handy introduction to the basics of Swedish grammar? Then, the guide by WordDive is an ideal choice. In addition to explanations, you’ll find short exercises for you to check how much you understood.

Pronunciation UTTAL

Find below some resources to help you acquire the Swedish pronunciation system and improve your overall intonation of this foreign language.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Phoenix Learn Swedish YouTube channel has great resources to improve your pronunciation regardless of your proficiency level. This video, for example, features the pronunciation of “j” and “r” with rules and examples.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Learning Swedish has a comprehensive guide to Swedish pronunciation where they explain rules (about individual sounds, word stress, sentence stress, reductions) plus a number of exercises for you to remember the theory.

Vocabulary ORDFÖRRÅD

Increase your vocabulary, acquire more fluency when speaking and writing, and become more confident when communicating with others using the following resources! Learn for free from your home.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Looking to acquire the most basic vocabulary in Swedish to have a conversation with native and non-native speakers? Enroll in this free course offered by Memrise and learn 6,000 nouns, verbs, and adjectives in context! 

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Read our article with the best Swedish idioms and proverbs and you’ll sound fluent in any conversation you take part!

  • BEGINNER Are you traveling to Sweden soon and you don’t even know greetings or how to say thank you? Don’t worry, with our article on the top Swedish survival phrases you’ll be able to get by!


Reading LÄSA

If you're trying to practice your Swedish Reading, then the pages below should help. Soon, you’ll not only understand novels in Swedish but also street signs, food labels, newspaper articles, and much more!

  • BEGINNER The Online Swedish Club has parallel texts (that is, texts written in Swedish with their translation into English right next to them) suitable for beginners which are great if you are just starting with the language and want to increase your reading comprehension skills.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Try your hand at reading real Swedish texts with SwedishPod101. You’ll find texts for beginner and intermediate-level students on different topics with comprehension exercises at the end.

  • ADVANCED Sharpen your comprehension and understanding of Swedish with MyLanguages. Here you’ll find texts for advanced students, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you can analyze through comprehension questions and interactive activities.

Listening LYSSNA

Looking for engaging and motivating materials to increase your listening comprehension of Swedish? Find podcasts, radio programs, and songs below and hone your skills while having some fun.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you’d like to train your ear by listening to the radio and get to know more about what is going on in Sweden, you can access ListenLiveEU. The best part is that the site has details about where the stations are located, so you can have exposure to different dialects and accents.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Those who love podcasts will be happy to know they have plenty of options to practice their listening skills in Swedish. Read this article by Babbel and discover the top 5 Swedish podcasts to increase your language ability.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Why not practice your Swedish using Disney songs? As you are probably familiar with these tunes, you will find it easier to understand the lyrics (and sing along to them, of course!).

Writing SKRIVA

Luckily for native English learners, Swedish uses almost the same alphabet, word order, and logic when writing. You’ll only need to get used to certain conventions and style when learning how to write in Swedish. Use the following resources to polish your skills from home!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you’re looking for extra practice, you can participate in exchange groups like the Great Translation Game. There, you’ll find texts in English to translate into Swedish. Once you’ve done it, you’ll get feedback from other advanced students and teachers for free!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Looking for inspiration to get started with writing in Swedish? Watch this video by SwedishPod101 and discover 7 brilliant ideas on how to improve your writing skills without a teacher.

Speaking TALA

Speaking can be a tricky skill to develop, especially if you cannot find Swedish speakers in your area willing to practice with you. But don’t worry: with these resources, you’ll virtually meet up with Swedish learners from around the world to put your skills into use! Or, if you prefer, you can use the following sites to practice alone: 

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Join sites like Conversation Exchange and you’ll meet enthusiastic Swedish learners and native speakers looking to socialize while they increase their language skills. And the best part is that the site is completely free of charge!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Get 30 minutes of daily conversation practice from home and polish up your fluency and pronunciation by talking to yourself with this video by SwedishPost101. The prompts are related to everyday topics like the weather, presenting yourself, or greetings so the video is more suitable for beginner and intermediate students. You can complement this with their article on 5 ways to improve your Swedish speaking skills!

Miscellaneous DIVERSE

Take a look at the following miscellaneous resources that will help you hone your language skills!

  • Do you want to start studying Swedish but you have no idea of your language level? Take our FREE level test and get to know more about your current ability in just minutes! 

  • There are certain mistakes English native students always make when learning Swedish. Read more about certain mistakes English native students always make when learning English and stay ahead in the game!

  • Would you like to learn a Nordic language but you are not sure which one? Take a look at our article and get started with a Scandinavian language today!

Improve your Swedish skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

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