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SLOVAK classes near you: at home, at work, or online

Slovak classes near you: at home, at work, or online

Thanks to our tailored Slovak classes, you and your group can be trained by qualified Slovak teachers, and can meet at your place of work or at your home at a time convenient to you. Classes can take place any day of the week, including weekends, and can be scheduled for the morning, afternoon or evening. If your home or office is not suitable for you, you can attend the lesson at the teacher’s office. You will be provided with a list of recommended lesson materials.
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From our clients all over the world

"The lessons are excellent. We're really enjoying them."
Leanne McNamara

Slovak course in Online.

"I am very satisfied with my instructor's methodology and quality of materials."
Marlus Ferretti

Japanese course in Houston.

"Jean is great! I'm really enjoying our classes!"
Kristely Bastien

Haitian Creole course in Online.

"All good, I am happy with everything so far. Jasmin is brilliant."
Ivana Godler

German course in Braintree.

"I did my first lesson and it went very well. It was helpful that my teacher spoke in only Tagalog and also had me read out loud."
Dara Rayos

Tagalog course in Basildon.

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Peter Dillard German in Tucson
I was impressed by Listen & Learn’s ability to provide individual language instruction in my home through a tutor

Our Clients Include

From our clients all over the world

Cirque du Soleil
Language learned: Portuguese in Chicago.

Mmu corp.
Language learned: German in Las Vegas.

Sanderson & Sons
Language learned: Italian in Hoboken.

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