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Spanish Lessons in Riverside

You and your group can be trained by our native speaker qualified Spanish teachers, and can meet at your place of work or home at a time convenient to you. Tutorials can take place any day of the week, including weekends, and can be scheduled for the morning, afternoon or evening. If your home or office is not suitable for you, you can attend the lesson at the teacher's offices. You will be provided with all relevant lesson materials.

Spanish 1 to 1 General

These lessons in Spanish are wider-ranging in their nature, and are driven towards students who have a variety of differing needs. All beginner students will expect to study enough survival Spanish to get them through a short visit to the country, those staying on with the lesson can progress differently, depending on their individual requests and requirements. Whether you are buying property in a foreign country, married to a foreign national, planning a round-the-world trip, interested in Spanish history and culture, or if you simply want to attain a particular level of Spanish, this is the choice for you.

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Spanish 1 to 1 Business

Spanish lessons of this type are aimed towards those that need to learn Spanish to aid them with their employment. For those just starting out, it is integral to learn basic greetings and business etiquette; and reading and writing can be adopted once the simple precepts are out of the way. Success has come from students who are involved in import/export, international negotiations and acquisitions, those seeking jobs in multinational companies, and those working with foreign colleagues, academia and bureaucracy. Just our most basic beginners lesson will have the student finishing the lesson with basic telephone/e-mail skills in Spanish, as well as survival Spanish should a short stay in the country be needed.

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Spanish Group Lessons

2 or more people can benefit studying Spanish together as these Spanish lessons are also offered to groups (Two-to-One Spanish Lesson or Small Group In-Company Spanish Lesson). Every student must have the same degree of knowledge of the language, the same business or language needs and the ability to study at the same time and place as everybody else. The booking has to be made for all students at the same time. Listen & Learn do not advocate group sessions of more than 6-8 people, though Taster Spanish Lessons can be experienced by up to 12 people.

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Spanish Facts

In terms of grammar and vocabulary, Spanish is fairly similar to French and Romanian

Spanish is the most used Romance language: around 364 million people speak Spanish around the globe

Grammar in Spanish generally follows the same rule as English - Subject, Verb, Object - and adjectives usually follow the nouns they go with

Spanish Language Level Test

Please choose the correct answer for this question.

Este es ............. jersey, no sé donde está el ..............





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Spanish Testimonials

"My Spanish lessons are always a blast - my teacher knows what I need to learn and he teaches in a way that makes all this new information both easy to digest and interesting. ¡Muy bien!"

Hammond Alexander, CA

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Located in the center of Southern California's Inland Empire, Riverside California is city where the California citrus industry was born. But what was once the home of miles and miles of orange groves, is now the home base of thriving technology businesses, luxury homes and a diverse population that represents the changes the Los Angeles area has seen over the past five decades. Although congested traffic keeps some areas more densely packed than others, there is still room for growth in Riverside. The area has historically enjoyed some of the lowest real estate prices in the California market – leading to a spurt in home sales that brought more people and consumer-based businesses to the area. The Mexican-American population in this city of 300,000 people is large – with almost half the residents speaking Spanish as their first language. Therefore, keeping pace in Riverside means that learning the Spanish language is a top priority.


Riverside Map


Riverside Map
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