Listen & Learn caters to your language learning needs, whether you want to improve your language skills on your own, or with a group of colleagues or friends

One-to-One Language Courses

Our one-to-one courses are the perfect way to accelerate your language learning. With extra attention paid to your individual goals and needs, you will soon be conversing confidently in your new language!

Listen & Learn's one-to-one courses are easy and effective for multiple reasons...

The courses are tailored and adaptable, letting you spend more time on topics and learning points that you find interesting or challenging, all at the ideal level, pace and learning style for you.

Classes are held at a time and location that suits you, whether that be in your home, office, or university.

Individual attention from your native language speaking trainer means you can have all your questions answered, and constant feedback will help you avoid common mistakes becoming bad habits.

The intensive nature of the (typically) two-hour classes will give you solid periods of learning and practice, and you will be surprised at the speed of your progress!

As well as excellent language courses, Listen & Learn offers you flexibility and peace of mind. If your schedule doesn't allow for a regular timetable, the time and location of the next class can be decided on at the end of each session. Sessions can be cancelled free of charge with only two working days' notice. There are no hidden charges (such as travel costs or materials), and if for any reason you have a problem with your trainer, or their style does not match yours, we will find someone more suitable at no extra cost.

You will find more details and pricing information on all our course and location pages.


Group Language Courses

Listen & Learn offers convenient and effective group language courses for businesses, organizations, and private groups. Courses are tailored to the common learning aims and needs of the participants, and the nature of group learning provides motivation and encourages quick progress. Our native speaking language trainers will conduct classes at a regular time and location suitable for the group or organisation. A group can consist of as few as 2 and as many as 12 people.

If you are interested in a Listen & Learn group course, there are several things to consider:

All participants should be at approximately the same language level. If proficiency levels are markedly different, we recommend splitting the group into two or more smaller classes. This will help ensure that each learner makes as much progress as possible with their language learning. We have simple Online Level Tests available for the major languages, so potential learners can be assessed quickly and efficiently.

The group should have generally the same language aims and needs. In the introductory lesson, our trainer will establish a learning plan, and common goals will be decided by consensus.

The courses typically consist of one two-hour class per week, and this will need to be at a fixed time and place for the convenience of everyone involved.

Further details and pricing information are available on all our course and location pages. Please note that the higher prices for group courses encompass the necessary added materials and administrative costs.

Please contact us if you have any queries about Listen & Learn group courses, or would like to arrange an initial language assessment for your organisation.

* We do not rule out teaching groups of up to 16 for organizations with limited budgets, but we rarely recommend this, as participants typically will not receive the personal attention they need to advance quickly and confidently.