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UKRAINIAN classes near you: at home, at work, or online

Ukrainian classes near you: at home, at work, or online

Our native-speaking qualified Ukrainian teachers can guide you and your group at your work or at home, at a time convenient to you. Our personalized Ukrainian classes can take place on any day of the week - even weekends - morning, afternoon or evening. If meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can even take your Ukrainian classes at the trainer’s office. In all cases, study resources will be recommended by the teacher based on your needs and goals.
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From our clients all over the world

"I took Ukrainian lessons for a trip and it was an immense help! I was confident speaking to native speakers and was able to have basic conversations!"
Timothy Mueller

Ukrainian course in Norfolk.

"Our lessons are fantastic. We really like our teacher and we are learning a lot."
Ken Hensley

Ukrainian course in New York.

"I chose Listen & Learn because it uses a structured format. The course follows a syllabus which clearly states the goals that will be achieved by the end."
Spencer Wigginton

Cantonese course in Houston.

"My first Spanish lesson went splendidly and I LOVED my teacher! We already worked on a lot of material, and I have plenty of studying to do, but plan to make a great effort at it, and hopefully make her proud!"
Camille jim

Spanish course in Calgary.

"My lessons are going very well and I really enjoy taking them. My professor, Seonhwa, is really nice and I like her teaching methods."
Manon Brun

Korean course in Montreal.

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Bianca, our teacher, is fabulous. She made learning fun. We got the Italian foundation we were looking for

Our Clients Include

From our clients all over the world

HOPE International
Language learned: French in Nashville.

Royal Danish Embassy
Language learned: French in Washington, D.C.

The ROHO Group
Language learned: Spanish in St. Louis.

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