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Top 10 Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is a popular holiday destination and attracts those interested in history, nature, culture, and relaxing on beautiful beaches.  There are plenty of things to do and see in there. Here are some of the top 10 places to visit in Mexico: 1. Cancun Cancun, and its surrounding areas such as Cozumel and the Maya(…)

9 Spanish Idioms: Express to Impress

Even within the same language idioms aren’t understood by everyone. This is especially true when the people who speak the language can be found all over the world. Spanish speakers are spread out far and wide and every country has their own way of doing things. Below are some Spanish idioms, but be aware that they(…)

11 Idioms to Add Color to Your French!

  Like English (and many other languages), French is littered with idioms, many of them referring to animals, religion and parts of the body. A lot of French expressions have English equivalents and a few can even be translated word for word, but others are a bit further away from the English and some appear(…)

6 Unique Tourist Activities in Bolivia

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes countries that are largely unknown to the outside world, Bolivia may just be the perfect destination for your next trip. There’s a certain low-key feeling to everything going on around you, though the country’s rich history, natural attractions, and multi-faceted culture will keep you plenty busy. Interested(…)

14 Mistakes Tourists Make in Japan

Japan is a terrific place to visit, and one where the local population is generally fairly tolerant of cultural faux pas made by foreigners, known in Japanese as gaijin-san.   There are 14 common mistakes, however, that are easily avoided when in Japan.  A little bit of cultural knowledge can go a long way at fitting(…)

To Russia With Luggage – 8 Essentials For A Soviet Holiday

With the world’s eyes on Russia with the Winter Olympics happening in the region of Sochi, it made us think about what we’d pack if we were heading there – as a spectator, not a participant! Of course clothing depends on where you’re going and when, because the country is so huge that it has(…)

Top 10 Japanese Songs To Dance To

Music is often called the universal language. It bridges cultures and reaches all, with melodies and harmonies that can both soothe and excite the soul without understanding a single word of what is being sung! There are various different musical genres in Japan, with traditional sounds, dance, J-Pop, indie, and all other types of music,(…)