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Spanish Alphabet: The Essential Guide for Beginners


American children are great at remembering stuff. Ask a group of 7-year-olds how many letters there are in the English ABC, and you’ll see a few hands shoot up in the air. “26!”, they will shout in unison. In fact, they may answer your question with a song. With Spanish-speaking students, however, you might get(…)

10 Wunderbar German Idioms and Expressions


If your aim is to be able to speak German like a native, then you’ll need a firm grasp of colloquial and everyday speech. Often these things are learned later on in the language learning process, once you know your grammar and comprehension. But it’s always handy to have a few sayings and expressions under(…)

The Complete List of Handy Dutch Phrases You’ll Need in The Netherlands


Thinking about where to go on your next holiday? With its iconic windmills, gorgeous fields, and wonderful canals, The Netherlands is a great choice you may want to consider. Worried about your Dutch level? Don’t be. By learning a few core phrases (Dutch expressions that make up the majority of everything Dutch people say every day),(…)

Top Dialects of the Italian Language


Though Italian is spoken as a first language by over 60 million people and as a second language by many more, the Italian language is perhaps most famous for its non-verbal attributes; namely, its distinctive and expressive hand gestures. But while “talking with their hands” may be a characteristic associated with Italian speakers in general,(…)

Swedish Pronunciation: What You Can Do to Improve Your Accent


So, you’ve been studying Swedish for a while. You have no trouble at all with Swedish tenses, you’ve memorized a huge list of Swedish idioms, and even your writing is getting better. Why is it, then, that some Swedish people don’t understand you when you speak? Most probably, the problem is your pronunciation. Conquering the(…)

6 Useful Japanese Phrases for Your Trip!


Japan is a beautiful place to explore, visit, and work. Depending on your needs, desire, or even length of your stay, it may be incredibly helpful for you to learn Japanese. Japan uses Kanji (adapted Chinese symbols) and Katakana (for foreign words) and Hiragana (used with kanji for almost everything else) and is most definitely(…)

An Overview Arabic Pronunciation: Tips to Help You Speak Clearly


How to Improve Your Arabic Pronunciation Study the sounds of Arabic using the guide below Expose yourself to the language Watch movies and imitate the dialogs Record yourself Take classes with a qualified native speaker   Learning a language that has a different alphabet from your own can be very challenging. So challenging, that you(…)

Everything You Need to Know About Afrikaans


Even if you’ve never heard about Afrikaans, you might have guessed that it’s a South African language. However, as with most languages, there’s much more to Afrikaans than meets the eye. Afrikaans was born in Africa from its parent language — Dutch —, but nowadays it’s spoken in places such as Namibia, Botswana, and even(…)

5 Tips for Picking Up a Language Again After a Long Break


Taking a break from learning a new language can be healthy, but sometimes a short two-week break can turn into months, then years, and before you know it you’ve forgotten nearly everything you learned in the first place. Maybe you set aside that language so you could focus on another, or you got too busy,(…)