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4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Barcelona

What better way to learn a language than to totally immerse yourself in it? There is no better or faster way to get you fluent and confident than by having your target language spoken and used around you all day long. Studying abroad makes a lot of sense for language learners, both in terms of(…)

4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Mexico

Immersing yourself in a language is the best way to absorb and learn it quickly. What better way to become fluent than by having to use that language in your day to day life? That is why studying a language in a country that speaks your target language is the most effective, and let’s face(…)

Understand UK accents per region: Birmingham/Brummy

The UK has a range of accents that can be confusing for people from elsewhere, whether they’re learning English as a second language or even as native English speakers who can’t tune their ear into unfamiliar words! This time we’re taking a look at Birmingham and the unique twang that is the Brummie accent. Are(…)

4 good reasons to learn Arabic in Cairo

When studying a language there is little better you can do than immerse yourself in that language as much as possible. If you have the opportunity to travel, moving to a country where your target language is spoken can really speed up your fluency. So why is Cairo the perfect place for you to learn(…)

Could Bolivia be about to face another coup d’état?

Election results around the world these days seem to be leading to more and more volatile situations; the October 2019 Bolivian election being no exception. The win by President Evo Morales has led to civil unrest throughout the country, with not a day going by without a new controversy, or scenes of chaos spilling out(…)

A post-Brexit EU: what is the future language of the European Union?

English is just one of the official languages of the EU; though many might feel that it is the only official EU language! With the changes Brexit is going to bring to the region, does this also mean that we should stop expecting English to be the main language used with our European counterparts? Let’s take(…)

Understanding UK accents: Liverpool and Scouse

The English accent varies greatly depending on where you are visiting in the UK.  Some linguists might even tell you the accent changes every twenty miles! We’ll leave you to learn if that is true or not for yourself. If you happen to be visiting the north of England any time soon and want recommendations,(…)