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24 hours of New Year

New Year celebrations fill our screens every year with fireworks displays from around the world. Though have you ever wondered which places get to set foot in the New Year first, and who stays stuck in the past until last? Here’s a glimpse at 24 hours of the New Year; let’s chase those celebrations!  (…)

Understanding UK accents: Liverpool and Scouse

The English accent varies greatly depending on where you are visiting in the UK.  Some linguists might even tell you the accent changes every twenty miles! We’ll leave you to learn if that is true or not for yourself. If you happen to be visiting the north of England any time soon and want recommendations,(…)

These are the 3 most popular sports in Portugal

Portuguese people are passionate about sports. But what sports do they like most? Click here to find out and get some good sports-related Portuguese vocabulary at the same time ;)

Sports fan? Traveling to Portugal? Why not combine the two! Planning your travels around sporting events will give you a holiday experience away from the typical tourist traps, and is also the perfect excuse to practice a little Portuguese; not that us language lovers should need an excuse, of course! To help you with your(…)