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Food Name Origins: ‘Why Hot Dog?’

I enjoy stories of how foods travel and get named and then often re-named as they mutate to fit changing tastes. One of my favorite documentaries in recent years was The Search for General Tso which traces the origin of the famous dish while uncovering the history of Chinese immigration to the US in the process.(…)

Italy’s Top 5 Foodie Favorites

Italy, the long boot-shaped European peninsula has a rich language, culture, and history. It is a stunningly beautiful and exciting vacationing spot, full of notable landmarks. For foodie fans in particular, the famous Italian cuisine is one of the many traditional aspects of its culture that must be explored when visiting the country. Listed below(…)

Top Israeli Foods You Have to Try

The question of whether there is one distinct category of Israeli food is a hotly contested topic. Israeli food, like many cuisines, incorporates influence from its numerous surrounding countries and cultures, reflecting the movement of people to and from its borders. Drawing ingredients and dishes from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and North Africa, Israeli(…)

Top French Food and Drink

Think about French food and you’ll probably be thinking about croissants, crêpes, cheese and some quality wine to wash it down. If you’re more gastronomically curious, French food is likely to be solidly on your radar as the epitome of classic cooking and fine dining. Any well respecting cook has at least one French cookbook(…)

6 Must-Have Turkish Food and Drinks

The Republic of Turkey is a nation that has a colorful cultural heritage, with Asian, European, and Middle-Eastern influence helping to make this country the diverse place that it is. Turkey is well-known for bridging the gap between East and West, and this cultural conglomeration has long fascinated people from around the globe. This nation’s(…)

Top Norwegian Food & Drink

Norwegian food is often called ‘bland’. Here at Listen & Learn, we disagree. Although the dishes may not be littered with herbs and spices, Norwegian food is far from bland. True, there are a lot of staple foods such as potatoes, fish, and lamb but there are also many more flavourful options. Take a look(…)

Top Swedish Food and Drink

Yes, we know. Sweden equals meatballs – Köttbullar if you want to be precise – and sil (pickled herring). But that’s not all there is to Swedish cuisine and we’re here to prove any such assumption wrong! Like many countries, Sweden follows a traditional diet of meat, fish, and potatoes. However it’s their unique preparation(…)

6 Delicious German Foods & Drinks

Most people think German food revolves around sausage and starch, and in a lot of (delicious) cases, they aren’t wrong. That being said there’s much more to German food that than. Check out our list of tasty German foods and drinks to try! Rote Grutze by Prlyanka Bhola/ flickr 1. Rote grutze Let’s start this(…)

5 Great Argentine Restaurants – Outside of Buenos Aires

Argentina is known for a handful of things. Beautiful scenery, incredible wine, and meat-heavy meals, to name a few. But not all great Argentine meals focus on a generous portion of steak, lamb, or pork. And not all great Argentine restaurants are located in Buenos Aires. For something a little different, outside the bustling capital,(…)

5 Must-Visit Restaurants While Vacationing in Lima, Peru

More and more people are discovering the incredible cuisine of Peru in the U.S., Europe, and fellow Latin American countries. If you’re getting ready to make the trek to this South American country, you are bound to find your new favorite meal. From casual street fare like anticuchos and chicharones to traditional stews, there are(…)