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8 Popular Phrases You Probably Didn’t Know Were Coined by Shakespeare


The Bard may be long gone but his influence on the English language persists hundreds of years after he penned his last work. William Shakespeare created new words and phrases all the time for his plays and poetry, and a lot of them surprisingly still persist today. When we’re not making use of his plot(…)

Food Name Origins: ‘Why Hot Dog?’


I enjoy stories of how foods travel and get named and then often re-named as they mutate to fit changing tastes. One of my favorite documentaries in recent years was The Search for General Tso which traces the origin of the famous dish while uncovering the history of Chinese immigration to the US in the process.(…)

Top 40 Chicago Words

A fun article from Chicagomag.com explores the influence Chicago has had on the English language with a list of its Top 40 contributions. Honestly, some of the words I’ve never heard of (simonize, for example), but that could be because I’m not American. Others are very familiar – puh-leaze is probably the word I most(…)