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Why We All Love A Happy Ending

For all the would-be linguists out there, here’s a little something for you. Did you know that English is a West Germanic language brought over to our fair isle in the fifth or sixth century, by invaders from an area that is now geographically Germany and the Netherlands? Well, now you do! English: the mongrel […]

What’s In A [Phrase]?

Having a way with words is not a skill we’re all lucky to have. But think about it: there are so many hidden meanings, and such downright silliness in our idiomatic language, that technically we all have a way with words. Even if we don’t know it. We’re betting you might not know the origins […]

6 Common Mistakes That English Language Learners Make

With about a billion English language learners from all over the globe, English is the most popular second language worldwide. Indeed, millions of native speakers of all languages have acquired proficient English skills for business, family, or personal reasons. But achieving fluency in English doesn’t come without its fair share of difficulties. Below, we’ve compiled […]

The Growing Presence of English in Latin American Spanish

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about the Spanish language is just how far reaching it is. Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and more than 15 other countries recognize it as their official language, with some 350 million people around the world speaking it every day. Anyone with even the most elementary knowledge of Spanish knows […]