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Stop Saying That! Expressions You Need to Stop Getting Wrong


I am a stickler for correct grammar. I recognize the evolving nature of language and that everyone has their own dialects, slang words, and vernaculars, but if I have to spend five minutes longer than usual deciphering something you’ve written because you refuse to use commas, you will suffer my wrath. As much as I(…)

9 Epic Language Flops that Have to Be Seen to Be Believed


Sean Patrick Hopwood is a language polyglot and a language enthusiast. His goal in life is to bring world peace through education, tolerance and cultural awareness. He is also the President and Founder at Day Translations, Inc., a global translation company. Day Translations has also created a free translation tool. Learning a language is a(…)

Learn from your mistakes

Schools in Paris, France are encouraging children to make mistakes as part of a ‘festival of errors’. According to intellectuals and education specialists, French children are being taught that errors are negative and this is ‘stifling’ creativity. “A large part of the French school system is based on the idée reçue that errors are negative,(…)