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Food Name Origins: ‘Why Hot Dog?’


I enjoy stories of how foods travel and get named and then often re-named as they mutate to fit changing tastes. One of my favorite documentaries in recent years was The Search for General Tso which traces the origin of the famous dish while uncovering the history of Chinese immigration to the US in the process.(…)

Does the Name Make the Man? A Look at Nominative Determinism


My high school physiology classes consisted of countless lessons involving the study of how the human body works, the ins out outs of it all, how things operate, how things don’t. Appropriate then, when you consider my teacher was a Doctor Payne, complete with a dentist for a daughter. True story. The question, however, is:(…)

Full moon names

Mark this on the list of “things I didn’t know”: Full moons have names! According to a post on Space.com, this tradition dates back a few hundred years, to Native Americans of what is now the northern and eastern United States, who gave names to moons in order to keep track of seasons. The name(…)