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7 Amazing Songs to Learn Chinese

If you’re on a journey to learn Chinese and are looking for fun, innovative ways to improve your language skills, you’ve come to the right place. Music is an excellent tool for language learning, and it’s particularly effective with a tonal language like Chinese. Today, we are joining forces with our Chinese teacher Lucas to present a Spotify playlist of songs to learn Chinese (link) that will not only immerse you in Chinese tones but also teach you a few useful Mandarin words.

So tune in, grab your headphones and let’s learn Chinese through songs with our exclusive Spotify List!

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1. 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) by Teresa Teng

First, let’s immerse ourselves in Teresa Teng’s timeless piece, “The Moon Represents My Heart,” released in the 1970s.

Teng’s delivery carries a soothing tune, providing a melodic backdrop for language absorption.

As the title suggests, the moon symbolizes the radiance of people’s emotional cores.

But let’s delve into the words that make this beautiful phrase:

月亮 (yuèliàng) – The moon

代表 (dàibiǎo) – Represents

我的心 (wǒ de xīn) – My heart

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Oh, and if you want to learn how to say “I love you” in Chinese, you will also find that phrase in this song. According to Lucas,  我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) is “one of the most essential phrases to learn in Chinese and in any language!”

 2.  甜蜜蜜 (Sweet on You), by Teresa Teng

Next up, is another masterpiece from Teresa Teng. “Sweet On You”, which was extremely popular in China in the 1970s, expresses the deep affection two people feel for each other when they are in love. “You could say it’s a love song for young couples,” says Lucas.

As it happens, it’s also one of the best songs to learn Chinese: The lyrics are simple and easy to remember, and the melody is cheerful and memorable.

Plus, the vocabulary is useful and easy to understand:

你 (nǐ) = you

梦 (mèng) = dream

笑 (xiào) = smile

见 (jiàn) = to see

哪里 (nǎlǐ) = where

By teaching you core words that you can use in any conversation, this song shows us that learning Chinese with songs is not only fun but effective!

3. 明明就 (Obviously), by Jay Chou

The song talks about the passage of time, and how we’ll all get older whether we like it or not.

With its nice tune and deep words, the song becomes a way to express the small details of love and strong connections with friends that help us get through hardships.

Unsurprisingly given its profound themes, this is one of the hardest entries in our list of songs to learn Chinese, but that’s actually a good thing for Lucas. According to him, listening to this song is like a workout for your ears, helping you get used to more poetic language:


In the candy jar, there are many colors,
But the smiles no longer taste sweet.
Some of your happiness
Exists in moments without me.

Isn’t that verse a real gem? Well, wait till you hear the chorus! (Remember you can find ‘Obviously’ in our Chinese Spotify playlist) (link)

4. 童话 (Fairy Tale), by Guang Liang

“Fairytale”, written and composed by Guang Liang himself is a melancholy song that ponders how people often envy the simplicity of childhood, a time when everything seems possible. Through its lyrics, the song encourages people to hold onto their dreams and never give up on them.

As you listen to this song, pay attention to this beautiful phrase;

对我说你最爱的故事  = Tell me your favorite story

As Lucas says, this is a great phrase to let someone know you’re open to hearing anything they want to share about their lives.

5. 朋友 (Friends), by Wakin Chau

This song, which was released in 1997, is one of the best songs to learn Chinese at a beginner level. It has a moderately slow tempo, succinct, to-the-point lyrics, and a powerful message. This song is about how best friends will always be together despite conflicts and disagreements.

So, if you’re looking for a song to dedicate to your best friend, look no further! Plus, you’ll also learn some useful words such as:

朋友 (péngyǒu) = Friends

一起 (yìqǐ) = Together

In fact, why don’t you two arrange a karaoke session and sing this one together?

6. 对不起我的中文不好 (Sorry, My Chinese is Not Good), by Transition

This 2011 song was composed by the British band Transition. Drawing inspiration from their experiences in Taiwan, they penned a simple yet amusing Chinese tune.

The song revolves around the challenges and adventures of learning Chinese, but it also delves into the moments of joy that come with learning Chinese with songs.

This not only makes it incredibly catchy but also accessible to anyone who wants to learn basic Chinese words with songs:

对不起 (duìbùqǐ) = sorry

中文 (zhōngwén) = Chinese language

我不知道 (wǒ bù zhīdào) = I don’t know

朋友 (péngyǒu) = friend

吃 (chī) = to eat

睡觉 (shuìjiào) = to sleep

7. 对面的女孩看过来 (Look Over Here, Girl!), by Richie Ren

“Look Over Here, Girl!” is the perfect song to learn Chinese if you’re looking for cuteness and humor. Basically, it’s about a guy trying to catch the attention of a girl by singing her a song. The melody is catchy, and the lyrics are simple and easy to remember.

But besides being fun and entertaining, this song also teaches us some useful vocabulary:

duì miàn de nǚ hái kàn guò lái, kàn guò lái, kàn guò lái

“The girls across the way, look over here, look over here.”

And then, there’s this catchy phrase:

wǒ xiǎng le yòu xiǎng, wǒ cāi le yòu cāi, nǚ hái men de xīn shì hái zhēn qí guài

“I’ve thought and thought, I’ve guessed and guessed, girls’ thoughts are indeed quite strange.”

Learn Chinese with Listen & Learn

So, which of the songs to learn Chinese from our Spotify playlist will you be adding to your library? Remember, learning Chinese with songs not only makes the process more enjoyable but also helps you learn and remember useful words and phrases.

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