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The Easiest Things About Learning Danish

Now you may have heard that Danish is a difficult language to learn. Sure, it’s not listed up there amongst the typical languages in your evening classes such as French, Spanish and German. But that does not mean you can’t learn it. We are here to tell you that it is perfectly possible to learn(…)

Top Norwegian Food & Drink

Norwegian food is often called ‘bland’. Here at Listen & Learn, we disagree. Although the dishes may not be littered with herbs and spices, Norwegian food is far from bland. True, there are a lot of staple foods such as potatoes, fish, and lamb but there are also many more flavourful options. Take a look(…)

Top Swedish Food and Drink

Yes, we know. Sweden equals meatballs – Köttbullar if you want to be precise – and sil (pickled herring). But that’s not all there is to Swedish cuisine and we’re here to prove any such assumption wrong! Like many countries, Sweden follows a traditional diet of meat, fish, and potatoes. However it’s their unique preparation(…)

Danish Slang Words & Phrases

We already know the Danish language already has a legendary array of idioms, so it goes without saying we expected big, beautiful things from Danish slang. With that in mind, we went searching for Denmark’s top slang words and phrases. We found a colourful assortment of slang words and phrases commonly used by Danish speakers,(…)

Top English Idioms and Proverbs

English: quite possibly one of the strangest languages in the world for second-level language learners. When native speakers pepper their sentences with idioms, it’s easy to get lost and confused. We explain the more common –and confusing– sayings here to help you understand and enter English’s more complex, less-covered linguistic territory. Now, before you think you need to(…)

Top Swedish Idioms & Proverbs

Photo via Flicker / Flicker When you think of Sweden perhaps your first thought is ‘meatballs’ and your second ‘Ikea’. Not that there is anything wrong with those particular things, but there is a little more to Sweden than that. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Absolut Vodka. Alexander Skarsgård. Abba for those Eurovision lovers(…)

6 Delicious German Foods & Drinks

Most people think German food revolves around sausage and starch, and in a lot of (delicious) cases, they aren’t wrong. That being said there’s much more to German food that than. Check out our list of tasty German foods and drinks to try! Rote Grutze by Prlyanka Bhola/ flickr 1. Rote grutze Let’s start this(…)

Top 7 German Survival Phrases

There are over 100 million native German speakers in the world. That’s a lot of opportunity if you’re just starting out your German studies! With a little knowledge of the language, you can snag that dream job, talk to that handsome stranger, or at the very least order train tickets to Frankfurt! German may seem(…)

Top English Survival Phrases

Learning English on paper can be wildly different from getting used to speaking and understanding, especially when faced with situations where you need information from someone. While your English is still basic, having a few useful phrases in your pocket (so to speak) can be a lifesaver when you’re looking for directions, information or just(…)