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Top Dialects of the English Language

With over 350 million native speakers worldwide, English is the third-most commonly spoken language worldwide. But that’s nothing compared to the number of people who speak English as a second or third language, which is estimated to be somewhere around 700 million — double the number of native speakers! Most of these 700 million English-language(…)

9 Surprising Facts About the Dutch Language

Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful houses, its picturesque canals, and its bohemian appeal. But even though everyone’s heard stories about what you can do and buy in this liberal city, fewer are familiar with the language that’s spoken by its inhabitants. Indeed, with over 20 million native speakers, Dutch is by no means a(…)

Top Portuguese Survival Phrases

Planning a holiday to Portugal? Or maybe you want to hit the beaches of Brazil or Mozambique. Either way, you’re going to need some basic Portuguese phrases before you go to help you interact with the locals. Learn Portuguese before you travel | debarshiray, Flickr If you already know another latin language like Spanish, some(…)

9 Surprising Facts About the Korean Language

South Korea isn’t huge: it’s the 109th-largest country in the world. But despite its small physical size, it’s made quite an impact internationally. Its automobiles such as Hyundai and Kia are sold all over the world; its catchy KPop tunes are gaining traction worldwide; and its delicious cuisine can be found in restaurants throughout the(…)

Top Dialects of the Italian Language

Though Italian is spoken as a first language by over 60 million people and as a second language by many more, the Italian language is perhaps most famous for its non-verbal attributes; namely, its distinctive and expressive hand gestures. But while “talking with their hands” may be a characteristic associated with Italian speakers in general,(…)

10 Slang Words and Phrases to Polish Up Your Arabic

Arabic is considered one of the most important languages to know, rivaling the likes of Spanish, English, and even Chinese when it comes to how useful it can be for business and travel. However, even if you spend hours of your time in the classroom learning this vital language, that may not mean that you’re(…)

Top Dialects of the French Language

Popularly referred to as the “language of love”, the French language has close associations with Paris, and conjures up images of romantic cobblestone alleys illuminated by the soft glow of distinctly Parisian streetlamps. Indeed, French originated in France, but has since spread all over the world, and features many dialectical variations. We’ve compiled some of(…)

9 Surprising Facts About the German Language

Germany is renowned for its famous scholars and musicians: Sigmund Freud transformed the study of psychology, Albert Einstein revolutionized our understanding of science, and Johann Sebastian Bach changed the way we think about music. And though these Germans are household names in the English-speaking world, we tend to not know quite so much about the(…)