Monthly Archives: April, 2016

If Disney Princesses Were Filipina

Disney princesses have been re-imagined by many a fan artist over the years. You have your real life, your Renaissance, and your realistic relatable millennials. For diversity, you have Disney as dudes and different ethnicities. And under the category of perhaps what were you thinking, you have cement mixers, Minions, and X-Men. We also hear(…)

Made-Up Languages: Part 1

Languages are a complicated conundrum, are they not? Syntax, synonyms and strange second conditionals… we could go on. They are challenging to learn unless you are one of those cleverly-tongued characters who take to languages like the proverbial duck to water, and even then, learning a new language is possibly one of the most time-consuming(…)

5 Reasons Why Argentine Spanish is Like Speaking a Different Language

    Ah, Argentina: the land of juicy steak, Malbec wine, and unbridled passion for fútbol; the home of Evita Perón and the best dulce de leche you’ll ever taste. Before I set foot in Buenos Aires — itself an entirely different world; a mischievous lovechild of Paris and New Orleans, slathered in buena onda(…)

Overlooked Languages: Tools of the Trade

Whether it’s a cup of tea and a slice of cake when you settle down to watch Downton Abbey, or that replica broadsword you wield as you hum, loudly, along with the opening credits of Game Of Thrones (…just us? Oh…), we all have our little routines when it comes to watching our favorite films(…)