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5 great TV and radio shows for learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin? Why not use TV and radio shows to help your studies? Click here to discover the best TV and radio shows to learn Mandarin!

When you are learning a language sometimes it is sometimes difficult finding resources that are interesting. Textbooks tend to be outdated, and the material for language learners can, at times, be dull. So this is where radio and TV come in! Why not learn using tools you use every day already? Here are some suggestions(…)

4 great TV and radio shows for learning Spanish

TV and radio programmes can be a great addition to your studies if you’re learning Spanish. Not only are they short blasts of music, news, or information that you can fit into your schedule, but they are up to date and interesting. There is little more off-putting than an outdated textbook from decades past, after(…)