Learning French? Check out these 4 amazing websites to brush up on your French

The internet has become our go-to place for so many of the things we do in life, and that includes learning languages! Whether you are brushing up on French or already studying and want some additional material to practice with, here are five of the best websites to help you.


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Bonjour de France


Every French learner should visit this website! Without a doubt, Bonjour de France is one of the most comprehensive sources for topping up your French skills. Using the CEFR system, Bonjour de France has individual exercises pitched to each level. There are ‘teaching worksheets’ that feel more like a regular page out of a textbook if you need some familiar structure. You can find business French, idiomatic expressions, and preparations for the DELF.


There are pronunciation guides, a tool to help you find French synonyms, and even a karaoke section if you feel like singing! But our favourite part of the website is a section called Civilisations, which takes the form of a mini case study of a worldwide topic and tests your understanding with a multiple choice quiz. Try Les scientifiques français et leurs inventions to test it for yourself. It is very likely that you will forget you are supposed to be learning French with Bonjour de France because you’re having so much fun. Which is the ultimate way to learn a language we think!


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Our suggestion of learning French from a French television network might sound a little daunting and like we’re leaving you to it. Fear not! For TV5Monde offers a wealth of material to help you learn. Offering exercises at A1 to B2 level, TV5Monde gives you two routes to learning from the collections page. Either pick your level and work through all the exercises available, or choose a theme and learn everything you can related to that subject. There are more than 2000 exercises which are available for differing lengths of time, and the material is constantly updated.


Your learning experience with TV5Monde is a well-rounded one utilizing resources from the network itself. There is a video to start each exercise which tests your understanding with a multiple choice quiz. This is followed by a listening activity, then a grammar and vocabulary point. A transcript is available if you want to read along as you watch. The layout of the exercises means learning flows easily; it feels more like reading a beautifully put together blog than a language learning activity! If you are B1 level we suggest trying TV5Monde out with Découvrir les mocktails. And if you like what you see, each page comes with further recommendations for exercises within the same theme. We love this site!


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Le Point de FLE


Le Point de FLE is more of a directory of French learning than our previous examples. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for then head straight to the Learn French Directory which shows you everything on offer. But if you have something in mind then go for the grammar, conjugation, or vocabulary sections. Here you will find a full list of each grammar, conjugation or vocabulary point on offer. Each point offers a video or audio to explain the point plus additional links, and even tells you which level it is pitched at so you can be proud of yourself!


The Culture and Civilisation section is by far the best. Each subject you click on offers a range of materials, from exercises to articles and podcasts, and plenty more besides. Take for example Cuisine et gastronomie. You can choose lessons that will teach you grammar and vocabulary within the cooking theme, or actual French recipes for more advanced students that you’ll get to make a dish with as you learn!


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BBC Languages French


The BBC Languages French landing page might not look as sleek and polished as many of the other resources out there but it is still a great source of free information. There are the usual phrases, grammar, and vocabulary sections that you would expect from a language website. There are even links to French news, TV, and radio sites that give you the real thing.

What we like about BBC Languages French is that it offers such a wide range of learning activities. There is French for GCSE students as well as for children of all ages, a 12-week interactive video course called Ma France, and an archived ‘crossword’ section that teaches you both pronunciation and vocabulary. You can even watch Rugby star Johnny Wilkinson training in Toulon and follow his journey in learning French.


Over to you. Where are your French adventures going to start?