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4 fantastic websites to learn German

Looking for some additional sources to help you with your German learning? There are so many on the internet just waiting for you! But if all that choice is a little daunting, we can help. Here are some of the best websites to help you learn German.


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German Very Easy


If you’re looking for a website that covers all of the basics of learning German then German Very Easy might just be the right place for you to start. There is grammar advice, help with constructing the perfect German sentence, verb conjugation, and just about everything else you can think of to set you off on your German language path! What is really nice about this simple website is just how well everything is linked. So for example, if you are looking up verb conjugation, pretty much everything is linked to another page that might be useful — if the perfekt tense is bothering you, for instance, then it’s one easy jump to double check!


The Practical German section is a great introduction to the website if you’re not sure where to look. You have the basics like the German alphabet, right down to links to German media when you’re wanting more advanced practice. And another helpful feature you will find on most pages are the audio files. So for example if you’re looking up modal verbs, in between all the how to advice and verb tables there are short audio clips so you can hear how things should be pronounced. This is a really good introductory website for the German language.


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DW has some great practical advice for German learners which is organised into courses by levels A1 to C2. There are more than 750 interaktiv activities, which also come with classroom help like worksheets and lesson plans for German teachers. Deutschtrainer concentrates on vocabulary, expanding on what you know over 50 lessons. You can follow audio courses like Mission Europe that teach you German from A1 level upwards through a series of crime stories, each episode coming with both an MP3 file and PDF with the transcript and questions to help you learn.


For more advanced learners head over to the Deutsch XXL section, which helps you learn through easy news programmes, information on geography, and a telenova called Jojo Seeking Happiness. There is even a section on all the different dialects you will find throughout Germany. DW is a great language tool that isn’t the standard vocabulary and grammar rules and lists you might find elsewhere, giving you a real hands on experience as you learn.


Learning German? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn Italian!

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BBC Languages — German


This BBC website is a great learning resource. There is German for both young children and those at GCSE level. You can test your own level and then go on to practice all the essentials under A Guide To German. You have the typical survival phrases and online tutorials you would expect on a language site through Talk German, along with some practical help with German Slang. There are also some tongue twisters for you to try if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!


There are also some unique ways to help you practice your German that are nice to see. With Formula 1 German you can listen as Nico Hülkenberg teaches you German phrases from the track, before you take part in a German Formula 1 quiz. And with comedian Henning Wehn you can learn all the funny parts of German. Lastly, this website gives some great links to German media, choosing programmes that are more suited to learners than more typical German shows.


Learning German? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn Italian!

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Goethe Institut


The Goethe Institut provides some beautifully-produced resources for practicing German. With Deutsch für dich there are 190 video, audio, and reading lessons at all levels, and even a forum for learners to discuss their experiences together. With Practice German there are short videos and images to help you learn, all on the theme of living in Germany. This is particularly tailored to people who are new to Germany giving real advice on job hunting skills, public transport, and so on. The miniseries My Way To Germany is a great place to start to show you everything you can do on the site.


Deutsch Am Arbeitsplaz, or German in the Workplace, continues with the theme of truly practical German. You can practice German for specific uses, for industries like carpentry, the arts, and science and technology. There is even interview advice so you can be sure you’ll both understand the questions and know what to say! Truly, the Goethe Institut’s website for German learning is one of the best, a great resource for anyone considering moving to the country — and even if you aren’t, you’ll get to practice German in real situations.


So. When are you starting your German adventures?