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4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Mexico

Immersing yourself in a language is the best way to absorb and learn it quickly. What better way to become fluent than by having to use that language in your day to day life? That is why studying a language in a country that speaks your target language is the most effective, and let’s face it, rewarding way to learn. Thinking of studying Spanish abroad? Here is why you should consider learning Spanish in Mexico.


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Begin your South American journey

If your aim with Spanish is to be fluent enough to travel, then you can consider Mexico your stepping stone to get you on the road. Of the twenty countries that speak Spanish as an official language, nineteen are in Central and South America—right on your doorstep if you are learning in Mexico! And while of course there are variations in the Spanish spoken wherever you go, learning in a totally Spanish-speaking environment like Mexico gives you great practice at quickly adjusting to different dialects and accents. If you then decide to travel further afield, your experience with Latin American Spanish will make it easy for you to understand European Spanish.


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A beautiful setting

Mexico is a truly beautiful country. From long stretches of coast with crystal clear water to mountain ranges and sprawling cities, whatever your picturesque preference there is something for you. After a hard day of studying exploring the nightlife of the area you are living in for the duration of your course is not only a great way to unwind, but also a chance to practice. And since you’ll be in the great company of other students studying Spanish abroad you’ll have people to explore Mexico with on the weekends. Some language schools even offer guides to the area and suggestions on where to visit, and your Spanish teachers will likely have their own favorite places and recommendations. What better way to practice Spanish than by truly experiencing Mexico?


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Welcoming people to practice your Spanish with

You probably already know this, but Mexico is considered one of the most welcoming countries in the world for both tourists and expats—or in your case, Spanish students. Perhaps that is why Mexico has so many amazing language schools! You are going to make friends fast, both in and out of the classroom. The first couple of times you speak in Spanish outside of that classroom will no doubt be daunting, but with so many people around you to encourage and support you as you learn, your confidence (and Spanish!) will rapidly improve. Within a couple of days, you will be ordering at the bar with ease, or reading through the menu at a restaurant already sure of what you are going to choose. Just imagine how incredible it will feel being able to strike up a conversation as you wait to be served, in Spanish, within just a few days?


Factor in the cost of living as you plan

When budgeting for overseas studies it is essential that you know the day to day costs of living. Language immersion is a beautiful experience, but your first few days might be nervous ones as you adjust; you don’t want to have additional things to worry about like not having enough to eat or not being able to do any homework you get because your cheap accommodation turned out to be too good to be true! Luckily, Mexico is a great place to study Spanish for those on a budget; here are some comparisons to help. According to Expatistan, Mexico is 64 percent cheaper to live in than New York, 53 percent cheaper than Chicago, and 57 percent cheaper than Los Angeles. The exchange rate is about one U.S. dollar to 19 Mexican Pesos. With regard to costs, according to Numbeo, in Mexico City, a small bottle of water might cost about $0.50, a beer about $2.00, a month travel pass $15.60, and an apartment around $572—though that is for single occupancy; for studying you might want to consider sharing. 

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