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4 good reasons to study Spanish in Guadalajara

Are you learning Spanish? Do you want to give yourself the full experience of learning by immersing yourself in a Spanish speaking city? You have plenty to choose from! With 20 countries around the world speaking Spanish as an official language, there are so many places you could go. How about Guadalajara in Mexico? Here are some reasons why this city would be perfect for your Spanish learning!



A great city to start your travels in!

With a humid tropical climate, in Guadalajara you can be sure of dry, warm winters and hot, wet summers; something to factor in to your travel plans! Guadalajara is the second largest metropolitan area in Mexico, meaning a wide range of accents and dialects for you to hear Spanish in before you go further afield. As Guadalajara is to the south of Mexico, if your plan is to then explore the rest of South America, you are perfectly placed. Or if you want to explore Mexico itself then Guadalajara is a great jumping-off point, with great connections to Mexico’s highway network, a good rail network, and even an airport which is the third busiest in the country—ready to take you wherever your heart desires!


Spoilt for choice for entertainment

So what is there to do in your downtime in Guadalajara when you need a little break from practicing Spanish—or even an opportunity to put it to the test? There are tequila tours to loosen your tongue and really get you speaking Spanish, and lots of food tours to help you soak all that alcohol up. You can spend your day exploring all kinds of art, from the various museums around the city to taking a tour of some of its best street art. Day trips might lead you to exploring canyons, lakes, or even the Guachimont pyramids. If you feel like a break from practicing Spanish and just want to mill about hearing it, Guadalajara has several parks and gardens for you to do that in, like the Guadalajara Metropolitan Park or The Botanical Garden. And if you need something a little greener than that, why not take a guided tour of places like the La Primavera Forest, Los Colomos, and the Barranca de Huentitán? In other words, you are spoilt for choice, whatever you like doing. Where are you going to start?


Photo via Pixabay


In great company for exploring (and Spanish practice)

The great thing about studying Spanish overseas is that you will have people in your classes sharing that experience with you. They too will feel that nervous excitement you are feeling for the thought of trying to speak Spanish to a native speaker for the first time. You also have great company for exploring the city; Guadalajara has an international book fair, an international festival of contemporary dance, and various expos and trade fairs throughout the month of October, as some examples of events you might like to attend. So to see the city at its most vibrant with your new Spanish skills to let you really immerse yourself, and with great company around you to do it with; what is better than that? 


Photo via Flickr


Easy on your budget

One of the most important considerations when studying in another country is to be sure of the costs involved. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the learning experience without the distractions of inadequate accommodation, not enough money for food and other essentials, and so on. To get you started, here are a few numbers to help you out. The currency of Mexico is the peso, the exchange rate with the U.S. dollar about one dollar to 22 pesos. To compare with other cities, according to Expatistan Guadalajara is 62 percent cheaper than Chicago, 63 percent cheaper than Los Angeles, and 70 percent cheaper than New York. Numbeo tells us that in Guadalajara, a small bottle of water is about 11 pesos, a small beer around 30, a monthly travel pass 391 pesos, and a single-occupancy apartment about 7044. Though of course you can drastically reduce your accommodation costs by sharing; why not immerse yourself further still by living with a host family?

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