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6 Unique Tourist Activities in Bolivia

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes countries that are largely unknown to the outside world, Bolivia may just be the perfect destination for your next trip. There’s a certain low-key feeling to everything going on around you, though the country’s rich history, natural attractions, and multi-faceted culture will keep you plenty busy. Interested in learning more? Check out 6 of the top tourist activities in Bolivia.

1) Watch the flamingos on Laguna Colorada in Potosi.

If you think lakes are inevitably blue in color, you’re in for quite an awakening when you arrive at Laguna Colorada. Located in the Potosi Region, this is certainly not the only body of water around. While you have many to choose from, this one is a favorite due to the unreal pinks, reds, browns, white, and other shifting colors it features at different times throughout the day. Seeing dozens, if not hundreds, of flamingos along the lagoon makes it all the more surreal. Come when you’ve got plenty of time to spare so you can watch the lagoon transform as the hours go on and you may just think you’re hallucinating in this truly mystical place.

2) Tour the San Francisco of Potosi Convent and Church in Potosi.

Purchase tickets to tour this incredible property and you’ll take in beautiful colonial architecture and artwork as you explore Bolivia’s oldest convent. Whether you’re interested in the religious history or not, you’ll be wowed by the art collection that includes antiques, paintings, and more. Come prepared to climb, as you’ll follow your guide up a seemingly endless set of stairs to reach the roof, where you’ll be rewarded with what may be Potosi’s best view.

3) Visit the National Folklore Museum in La Paz.

Locally known as the Museo Nacional de Etnografia, this museum gives insight into Bolivia’s traditional headdresses, weavings, masks, pottery, and textiles. The low entry fee makes it accessible for even those on a budget and its location in La Paz couldn’t be any more convenient. Make a day of it by exploring the local area by foot and grabbing lunch at a local eatery. Oh, and descriptions at the exhibits are all in Spanish, so come prepared to put your skills to the test!

“You may just think you’re hallucinating in this truly mystical place”

4) Go wildlife spotting in Kaa-lya National Park in Santa Cruz.

Few places offer visitors the opportunity to see animals like the tapir, squirrel monkey, boa constrictor, grey fox, macaw, and tayra all in one spot. And even if you’re not lucky enough to spot a jaguar–an estimated thousand of which live in the park–you may still get chills when you see their impressive, and intimidating, footprints.

5) Check out dinosaur footprints in Sucre.

Even if dinosaurs have never been your thing, you’ve got to admit that the idea of seeing thousands of them all in one spot is pretty exciting. Make sure you take the tour to learn about the history and conservation of the area instead of just exploring the property on your own. Kids and adults are both likely to think the life-size dinosaurs throughout the property are pretty cool.

6) Navigate the Yacuma River in Rurrenabaque.

Choose the more active route by joining a kayaking tour, or give your arms a rest by taking a standard boat tour. You’ll get to see the jungle up close, and hopefully some of its inhabitants, too. Sloths, piranhas, black panthers, river dolphins, howler monkeys and lots of large snakes have all been spotted in and along the water’s edges. Careful about visiting in the rainy season, though, since the river can be unstable during heavy rain. Don’t forget to bring the sunblock and bug repellant for this adventure!

When you travel to Bolivia, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish. If you want to brush up on the language before you go, try out our Spanish Verbs Game. Remember, if you have any fun activities you recommend for travelers heading to Bolivia, share them in the comments section below!

Photo by Kapawie