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Bad Opinion Generator

Having a bad day? Need something to cheer you up? Try the Bad Opinion Generator.

From The Week, the Generator is “a random sampling of history’s most clueless predictions — from faulty scientific forecasts to sweeping political statements”. So when you think you’re getting things wrong, you can be reassured that someone else is getting it even more spectacularly wrong than you.

A couple of gems:

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Ken Olson, co-founder of the Digital Equipment Corp., 1977

Nope, no reason at all Ken. Time seemed to think we’d all be drugging each other in the future:

“If a wife or husband seems to be unusually grouchy on a given evening… a spouse will pop down to the corner drugstore, buy some anti-grouch pills, and slip them into the coffee.” TIME, offering predictions for the year 2000, 1966

What’s your favourite prediction from the Generator?