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Despicable words

We all have a word that we really hate. For my brother, it’s “toilet” – he prefers to use “bathroom”, in the American style.

The Atlantic Wire has put together a short dictionary of what they call “despicable” words – here are a few examples:

arguably. “What, actually, does arguably mean? Indisputable? Able to be argued about? It is a non-word. Another filler, actually.”

curate. Especially to refer to “food or vintage fashion.”

honestly. “Actually, I think honestly is literally the worst. On the rare occasions when [one] doesn’t sayhonestly, is [one] actually being dishonest? Of course, all of these unnecessary words pale in comparison to the ultimate space-wasting, no-crap expressions: ‘at the end of the day’ and ‘it is what it is.'”

moist. This one, which we received the most and also the most emphatically, we might have predicted. See also: because.

What word would you nominate for this dictionary?