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Do you live in a happy place?

A new study analysing tweets has found that Napa, California is the happiest city in the US.

Researchers found that tweets originating in the city had more happy words than other places, including beauty, hope and food. Coming in last is Beaumont, Texas, whose tweeters apparently swear a lot.

The happiest state is Hawaii with Louisiana coming in last place.

The new study used a list of 10,000 words rated on a 10-point scale as happy, sad or neutral to score tweets from 2011 that carried geographic tags. The researchers threw out neutral words (such as “the,” “of” and “and”) and looked at how often the happy and sad words showed up in different cities and states, lead researcher Lewis Mitchell says.

Words such as “hate,” “terrorist,” “earthquake” and “greed” were high on the sad list, he says. Happy words included “happy,” “reunion,” “lol” (laughing out loud) and nature terms, which helps explain how tweets from Maine, which mentioned lots of “forests” and “rivers,” came in only second to those from Hawaii on the happy list.

Other relatively happy states included Nevada, Utah and Vermont. After Louisiana, the least happy states were Mississippi, Maryland, Delaware and Georgia. (Source: USA Today)

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