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How To Make The Perfect International World Cup Song

The FIFA 2014 World Cup has inspired artists around the world, resulting in some catchy tunes! So what makes a perfect World Cup song and music video?

Watch the Top 10 FIFA World Cup Songs on YouTube, and just try not to be amped and ready for the event and all the action it brings. Starting off with the Spanish rhythm of Ricky Martin’s Vida and ending with the official song for Brazil 2014 with We Are One by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, you’ll see that there are definitely some common themes and feelings captured by these songs.


Have a Summer Dance Party!

Vida has that Spanish beat that makes you want to move, and if you’re not sure how, check out the music video. The music video for Vida is on a beautiful beach, golden bodies in bikinis and shorts glistening in the late afternoon sun, dancing, jumping and smiling. The music video is reminiscent of a party on the beach, where everyone is happy and the energy is high; the worries the gone.

Mr. Da-Nos’ Summer Nights in Brazil features dance, sun, and the white sandy beaches of South Africa; summer holidays and adventure comes to mind.

Summer Nights in Brazil features exotic belly dancers, twirling their hands and shaking their behinds, with silver jingles and colored garlands moving with them. It also features people indulging in summer activities; beach goers playing bat and ball, children playing soccer and surfers and roller bladders in action, all backed by positive and uplifting lyrics, like “magic in air”, “feel it in your heart, feel it in your soul, everything is possible.” It’s a celebration of dance, good times and everything in between.


High energy is a necessity! Wyclef Jean and Santana’s Dar um Jeito, which translates to ‘We Will Find a Way’ is an upbeat track that will wake you up, it’s fast, high energy, providing the necessary boost, required of a World Cup track.

Make it Simple, Make it Good!

A good World Cup song is an anthem. Make the world sing by giving them a simple refrain to chant, like in Shakira’s excellent world cup song, La La La. The song is catchy and the simple lyrics of the chorus make it a song everyone can sing.

Inspire Your Team — Bring Out the Fight!

Sport Relief’s song by Gary Barlow, Greatest Day, was put together to bring the nation of England together to help their team win the World Cup. The music video brings together heroes from the world of music and soccer, resulting in a tongue-in-cheek, lighted-hearted track but one that is also uplifting and inspiring. Perhaps dreams really can come true…

Pura Vida by Don Omar is an upbeat Spanish track with a video of children playing soccer, and fighting to win, a song about the underdogs who work through their weaknesses and doubts to come out on top.

Embrace Foreign Tongues (!)

The music video for Shakira’s ‘La La La‘ incorporates people from all around the world and also has lyrics in both Spanish and English so everyone can enjoy the fun no matter what language they speak.

Vida incorporates both English and Spanish lyrics, and refers to “everyone across the world, every boy and girl”, reflecting a global track that appeals to everyone and includes everyone from all around the globe. In the video, we see a beach full of people, young and old.

Magic in the Air by Magic System and Chawki appeals to the world community by including both English and foreign lyrics; it’s a vibey song with a strong spirit. Their video also features a community gathering together in the street to dance and lift their arms in the air.

Talk About the World Cup

The World is Ours by David Correy features clips and highlights from previous World Cups that reflect the atmosphere that the soccer tournament brings. It talks about what the essence of the World Cup is about, “we are drawn by the rhythms that beat through our hearts, when we all come together, we’re seven billion starts.”

The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, We are One, starts off slowly, building up to dance type track that refers to Brazil and the celebration of people from all over the world.

The song talks about being proud of your country while celebrating the coming together of cultures and nations, which is what the event is all about.

The World Cup songs and music videos are full of dance, sunshine and wide smiles. They are about people from different cultures and places coming together to rejoice, lift up their hands and have a good time. The songs are uplifting and inspiring, to get everyone going and lift the atmosphere to the roof and beyond.