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iPhone app mimics mouth

I know a few people who have iPhones, and they seem to be massively addictive, and almost an extension of their arm for many.

A new app from the airline Emirates could make the phone an extension of their mouth instead!

The free app, iLingual, provides you with useful travel-related phrases in French, Arabic and German – and lets you use your own mouth to say them.

To use the app, you first take a picture of your mouth and adjust it to fit the screen. You can also personalise it with a male or female voice and alter the pitch to make it higher or deeper. Then you select a phrase and hold the phone in front of your mouth to make it look like you’re speaking in the chosen language.

The app is available in ‘lite’ (6Mb) or full size (80Mb+) versions, with the full version containing 400 phrases – a pretty decent size. You may look a little silly using it, but laughter is a great way to break down communication barriers!

To download the apps, follow the links on the Emirates page, or try the iTunes store.

Here’s a link to a fun video of a guy testing out the app in Paris. Has anyone else tried it out? What did you think?